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new bike, new pedals, new fit= knee pain!(2 posts)

new bike, new pedals, new fit= knee pain!David Ho
Jan 3, 2003 7:32 PM
Ok, before you flame me for not searching this , I have, but I have found so much I dont know what applies to me!

I got a new bike, new saddle and pedals, and got it built up, and rode it for a week, no problems.Then I went and got fitted on the serotta cycle and the fit guy at the LBS( a very reputable shop with an older experienced rider who does the fitting).I rode it for 2 weeks to get used to it, but felt my saddle was a little high so I lowered it JUST BARELY.It felt better heightwise and comfortable in the cockpit.I should add, that I put the Time pedals on and left the Speedplays I was using.My cleat was in the middle of shoe w the Speedplay and he moved them all the way up w the times.

So this past Sunday and began to experience pain behind the left kneecap almost at the end of a 3 hour ride, but I thought nothing of it because I have never had knee pain before.the next day I go to the gym and do some light leg weights as i am just starting to lift for the season and my knee has been sore as heck ever since.Not really a sharp pain, but more dull and no pain to the touch , just in the general area.

Was my saddle still too high, cleats wrong or what?I should not that the new saddle height on this bike was 3/4 " higher than on my other bike.Any help will be appreciated!
re: new bike, new pedals, new fit= knee pain!rdbkr
Jan 4, 2003 2:23 PM
The general fit guidelines for your knee pain-which sounds like a typical case of chondromalacia-is to raise the saddle and check cleat alignment. However, your case may have less to do with fit and more to do with cycling-specific conditioning.

You say you got the pain near the end of a 3 hour ride. Was this a major increase in mileage from your normal routine? Did you do a lot of climbing, sprinting, or big-gear mashing? The fact that you did some lifting the day after probably didn't help either.

All of these, combined with the cold winter weather can contribute to knee pain. It's best to ride at a high cadence with low gears and keep those knees covered with leg/knee warmers.

You may want to do a search on "chondromalacia", both in this forum and on the web.