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Update: Oval Headtube Help(1 post)

Update: Oval Headtube Helpbriburke
Jan 3, 2003 10:01 AM
Hi All,

I posted a message a few days ago about the headtube on my Marin being ovalized from a loose headset.

Well, I looked into many different options (all of which, incidentally, the LBS didn't exactly like because they felt a weakened frame opened them up to liability): welding rings around the headtube, replacing the headtube, Chris King Steelset, and a normal King NoThreadSet with an oversized skirt.

Tangent: King is a great company, I called them up to ask about the Steelset option, and ended up talking with someone there for about 30 minutes. She recommended I measure the ovalization to the 1000s of a mm because they make oversized skirts for the headsets in case an LBS over-reames them.

When I went to the LBS to measure it, they got a hold of the warranty people at Marin. I have two options: a Pine Mountain frame for $200 (!!), or a Team Marin for $570. The Pine Mountain is roughly the equivalent of my current frame - nice steel, but made in Taiwan. The Team Marin is nicer steel, and handmade in the US. I'm going to try to find a local shop that carries Marin to figure out sizing, and then get the Pine Mountain. All in all, I'm pretty psyched. I appreciate the ideas and suggestions everyone gave me.

Oh, and I do like my LBS - they're going to build the new bike for only $80.


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