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Frame choice- Your opinion and why?(3 posts)

Frame choice- Your opinion and why?boneman
Jan 2, 2003 6:13 AM
Leaving the UK in the next six months and plan on buying one more frame. Still a long way off deciding but given lead times, I might have to move on this soon.

I currently have in the UK three bikes:
1999 Vortex- I only wish it had a lower BB, otherwise works for me.
2001 Custom Corrado (Deda SAT 14.5 steel)- great fit but could be lighter.
2001 custom Roberts single speed- purpose built and works well.

I don't race anymore but got up to Cat 2 in the 70's which by definition means I'm 50.

Ride almost daily getting in around 5,000/year with rides between 25-75 miles.

I'm light at 59kg so not a masher although my former climbing prowess has gone kaput.

Choices are as follows:

Custom Pegoretti Marcelo (EOM 16.5)- I like their look and build quality. It's steel but lighter than my Corrado.

Time VX Special Pro (carbon fiber)- No custom available but their stock geometry is fine and works better for me than the C-40. Build quality is nice, saw them at the London cycle show, although not wild about their paint scheme. Not many around compared to the C-40 and Time have a longstanding reputation in carbon fiber.

Custom Omega Ti Chimera- Omega's a local UK builder who do a very good job with Ti. I would have it built without the CF rear seat stays. Tubing would be Reynolds Ti.

I'm not concerned about breakage or warranty issues and these are all EU made meaning I can get my VAT of 17.5% refunded if I time it right. I've eliminated for various reasons Pinarello Prince SL and Opera, Opera Palladio and Colnago C-40.

Thanks in advance.
Time VX Special Probsdc
Jan 2, 2003 6:29 AM
In seeing that you are light and that your stable is missing a carbon fiber bike, I'd pick the Time VX Special Pro.
Those are quite different bikes. I have a Pegoretti Marcelo,bill
Jan 2, 2003 6:32 AM
and it's a great bike. The custom process was quite different from, say, the Seven process or the Serotta process. I gave the exporter a few measurements and my weight, and Pegoretti built me a bike. It fits in the Euro-racing style -- on the small side. But it fits, and it's a joy to ride. Absolutely stiff laterally, very comfortable, and tracks wonderfully. The frame also came well-prepped.
My one gripe is the paint. It was very soft. Oddly, a year and a half later, it seems to have cured some, and I no longer ding it by looking at it.
Also, the EOM 16.5 steel is not for the faint of heart. It's very light. Some might say flimsy. I put it in the back of the car on trips and stuff, I don't really baby it, but I would hate to crash because I believe that it would be wrecked pretty easily. Much different from ti.
Don't know anything about the other bikes.
My other bikes are a LS Natchez, which is actually stiffer and less comfortable than the Pegoretti, and a scandium alu Douglas (Colorado Cyclist brand), which is, believe it or not, probably the most comfortable. It isn't half the bike of the Pegoretti, with much lesser build quality as well as more noodly.