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Does anyone hate their trek 5200?(16 posts)

Does anyone hate their trek 5200?mrr
Jan 1, 2003 5:06 PM
I am looking at buying a Trek 5200. All reviews on epinions and roadbike review are nearly perfect on this bike. The reviews call this bike the best thing since sliced bread.
Does anyone have any major problems or dislikes in regards to the bike itself. Does anybody hate their trek 5200? No product can be perfect but judging from reviews, this bike (minus seat, wheels, commonnness,etc.) seems to be close to perfect. I am more concerned here with ride quality and general feel of the bike. I own a Lemond Buenos Aires. Will I be absolutely blown away if I bought the Trek? Thank you all very much for your help in this matter. Also I don't want to come across as a rich slob, but I just sold my Harley. Is there a line of reasoning or a niche to have both the Lemond and the Trek or is the difference so slight as to make the two bikes almost redundant.
Jan 1, 2003 6:09 PM
SOLD YOUR HARLEY?!?! Have you lost your mind! I have owed 8 oclv bikesnow and just bought another mtn bike oclv. They have no draw back other than everyone has one, and thats not bad. I broke one once and Trek replaced it in three weeks with no questions asked. You will feel a big difference in ride quality if thats what your concerned about..... good luck!
re: Does anyone hate their trek 5200?JFunk
Jan 1, 2003 6:27 PM
Well I own a Lemond Zurich now, my wife owns a 5200, and I am a bit jealous. I like the ride of the steel bike, but having owned 4 OCLV mtbs over the years I kinda miss the ride. It is just silky smooth and very FAST! If you can, just keep the Lemond. It is a great bike, and would be a nice commuter or bike to ride on those less than perfect days.

BTW what Harley did you have? My dad just picked up a Heritage Softail with bags and everything. Man that is a sweet ride! I personally like my Ducati, but there is some apeal to the whole American heritage thing.

Wish I could help you out here, but...James OCLV
Jan 1, 2003 6:35 PM
I absolutely love mine! I've owned 3 OCLV road bikes, and I don't think I'd ever ride anything else!
love my hd, wish I could talk the wife into a Monster too (nm)maximum15
Jan 2, 2003 9:51 AM
Love mine, but here's a few nitpicksDuane Gran
Jan 1, 2003 7:39 PM
I've owned a 5200 for about 2 years now and have put nearly 20,000 km on it. The ride is wonderful and I think carbon is a great material. My issues with the bike:

* Icon/Bontrager components aren't that great. I would buy another Trek frame/fork in a heart beat, but I don't much care for the stem, seatpost, wheels and bars. On my bike I've swapped out nearly everything. The saddle (San Marco Era) however is very good, at least for me.

* The clear coat finish has thinned a bit and worn off in places.

* I own the white bike and it is impossible to keep it clean. The white has gradually turned into some other color I can't quite describe, but I would compare it to a smoker's teeth. Not white, but then again not really yellow. I don't know what has tarnished the bike, but if I were purchasing again I would choose a darker color.

Take with a grain of salt, but it is a fine bike. Enjoy!
Love mine, but here's a few nitpicksJon Billheimer
Jan 1, 2003 8:20 PM
I ride a 1997 LeMond Chambery, which is the exact same bike as the 5200. Aside from the frame the only parts I haven't swapped out and upgraded are the Ultegra brakes, BB, and seatpost. This year I finally had a custom repaint job done on the frame as I'd put a few scratches on it from minor crashes. I have over 25000 miles on this bike and just love it. The best upgrade I did was to ditch the Icon fork and install a Reynolds Ouzo Pro. This improved handling and stability at high speeds. Compared to the Buenos Aires I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the ride and responsiveness of the OCLV. It's silky and accelerates like a bullet.
Who did your custom pait job ?superdog
Jan 1, 2003 8:38 PM
Do you have any pics you could post? I hate the standard Postal paint and am considering a new look.
Also went from Buenos Aires to 5200superdog
Jan 1, 2003 8:33 PM
I used to ride a Lemond Buenos Aires; it was black so I think that was the 1999 model. I upgraded to a 2000 Trek 5200. I thought the LeMond was very comfortable and was reluctant to buy anything else except another LeMond.

I was on my way to my LBS to purcahse a Zurich and I decided to stop in at another LBS just for grins. They had the previous year's 5200 on sale for $1895 which was about the same price as a new Zurich. I test rode it and it was just as comfy as the Zurich or Buenos Aires and a lot lighter. I was sold.

I don't know much about the Bontrager components which come with the newer Treks. I do know the Icon stuff that came with my 2000 5200 seemed to be relatively low quality parts.
Over the next 18 months I replaced the seatpost with a Thomson setback, bar/stem with Deda Newton and the icon pedals with speedplays.

I'm very happy with what I have. My biggest complaint is the paint/graphics scheme. Everything else can be changed easily.
Love mine. But it is pretty commonplace...PseuZQ
Jan 1, 2003 8:54 PM least where I live (SF Bay Area). Today's ride seem to be a parade o' Treks. I swapped out the stem and the headset to Ritchey WCS (no real brand rationale there, just liked 'em.) I upgraded from another Trek -- 2200 composite/aluminum so I don't have a whole lot of other experience.

Did the 5200 make me a better rider? In a sense, yes. I think it was some sort of cognitive dissonance thing, in that it gave me a lot of confidence. Made me try rides I'd never think of....
Liked it fine, but sold mine anyway.djg
Jan 1, 2003 9:29 PM
It's a good bike if it fits--I liked mine. But when I picked up a CT1 I eventually decided to sell the Trek. I preferred the handling and the feel of the Colnago. YMMV.
Some NitpicksBigLeadOutGuy
Jan 2, 2003 7:13 AM
I raced OCLVs all last season and I honestly think that they are a great bike for the money...very lightweight and very smooth. They are really a good bike, maybe for the extra money hook up with a 5500, the components are a bit better than on the 5200. I recently signed onto a new team and had to switch bikes...Im now riding on aluminum frames with carbon seatstays. I didnt realize this when I was on the OCLVs but I think they are a bit more flexy in the sprint than I would have liked or noticed at the time...(I think its common knowledge that aluminum is stiffer) My new frames seem to transfer the power into foward momentum a little but better. Thats probably the only bad thing I could say about the OCLVs. They are good bikes, youll be very happy.
i like mine but..._rt_
Jan 2, 2003 8:29 AM
it's going back to Trek on warranty because of flaking/peeling paint after less than 500 miles. i bought it as a frame set & built it myself so i have no complaints about the wheels, saddle, or any other component.

i'm not sure it's the best thing since sliced bread but it might be close.

trek paint as well as sliced bread are crappy thingsPeterRider
Jan 2, 2003 2:28 PM
- as for the trek paint, I'm very very careful with it but I get small chips. No big deal, but irritating. I have an old uniform blue 1998 frame.

- as for the sliced bread, it's very bad for keeping it several days, it gets dry much faster. Keep it in a plastic bag you'll say me, but then it becomes chewy.

Otherwise, very satisfied with my Trek 5200. It's a bike for riders much better than me, and I feel it :-)

I hate the way Treks fit and my 2300 was the worst bikelonefrontranger
Jan 2, 2003 9:13 AM
I've ever owned, material AND workmanshipwise but that's not a good comparison (Al vs. carbon = no comparison).

Also converted to Colnagos and I'll be riding 'nags from now until they pry them from my cold, dead fingers.
My $0.02grzy
Jan 2, 2003 6:24 PM
They ride like a block of wood and the paint comes off faster than a hooker's clothes. Mine never quite rode straight and there's not a damn thing you can do to align the frame. The componentry mix is only so-so. the Ultegra stuff is good, but the Icon stuff used to be pretty cruddy and the stock wheels are usually garbage. On the plus side they are quite light, Lance rides one, and you'll fit in with the crowd and be accepted where every you go. They're the Toyota Camry of the cycling world.

Frankly, I think you can do a lot better for the money. Spend some time riding various bikes and start to develop a feel for what you like and don't like. Chances are you're not "average" sized so there's not much reason to expect that the average OCLV will fit you perfectly. Rather than making you fit the bike consider having the bike fit to you. I dare you to get on a quality ti ride and not like it. If it doesn't appeal to you then stick with your BA.

Why do you want an OCLV anyways? Such a plastic cookie cutter bike that's been around for 10 years now - pick one up used for a song. I sold mine for around $1,000, complete.