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Nominations for Year's Best Threads?(14 posts)

Nominations for Year's Best Threads?DougSloan
Dec 30, 2002 10:39 AM
How about some nominations for the best (or worst) threads of the year. This could include all the replies, as well as the original post. Include a link to them, if you can.

Categories (add you own if you want):

1. Most informative

2. Most humorous

3. Best troll

4. Most contentious / best debate (cycling subject)

5. Best ride report (likely MB1 here, running away with it)

6. Worst personal gaff (without getting personal)

7. Most FAQ

8. Best poll

9. Best bike picture (from Gallery or here)

I'll work on it and post my nominations later.

Most humorous...DougSloan
Dec 30, 2002 11:09 AM
Contentious, too (Chinese jumper):

jeff27 "ouch!! mountain bike crossover post" 10/6/02 8:13am

combined with:

Kristin "Are you guys sure this great wall deal is for real?" 10/14/02 6:14am


DougSloan "Rider dies jumping Grand Canyon!" 10/14/02 8:52am

This includes my own thread, which is a little narcissistic, but what made it funny was all the replies and variations of the theme, for which I cannot take credit.

Again, the death is not funny; it's the absurdity of the act and that goofy picture of him flying through the air sans bike.

Lonefrontranger gets my vote for the funniest phrase5ive
Dec 30, 2002 6:32 PM
"J. Vaughters gave me a pair of his CA winter tights... these tights (Nalini) are fabulous, if a little, err... green. Despite making my butt look like psychedelic broccoli on a bad trip,..."

I never looked at a broccoli the same after reading this.
Cheers :)lonefrontranger
Dec 30, 2002 11:21 PM
believe me, it is merely god's honest truth. Love 'em to death as I might, they clash with every other piece of clothing I own, and serve to highlight, well, actually spotlight my ample backside. In black tights I merely have assferdays. These things give me ass for a month and a half.

I'd far rather be warm than stylish, since I gave up worrying about how I look about the time mullets went out of style.

Oh, did I mention the part where they even have a little tag inside that says "Vaughters"? Just like my boyfriend's Motorola winter jacket has a little tag inside that says "Ekimov". That, my friends, is the only way you'll ever be certain you have honest to god pro team issue clothing. They do this to keep their laundry straight at the hotels.
Mmm... Assferdays...5ive
Dec 31, 2002 1:05 PM
Utterly precious! Seriously... you should get yourself a talent agent who can land your own show on the Comedy Channel. Bootie on!
Worst.... I hate to bring this back up...funknuggets
Dec 30, 2002 12:01 PM
That whole Colorado Cyclist chick thread seemed to go on for DAYS and DAYS. It was, however, pretty darn funny.

I feel bad for the poor schmuck who has been immortalized in the photo caption contest with his hands down his pants since July.

Lastly, any thread that includes the phrase... "I finally did it, I shaved my legs" also should be banned.
Extra Credit for combining categories???biknben
Dec 30, 2002 12:55 PM
Most FAQ and Least Informative goes to:

Crankist "what the h**** does "(nm)" mean???" 7/12/02 7:39am

After doing a search I was surprised to see how often it comes up. No offense to anyone who had to ask. At one point, I didn't know either.
I nominate Cherry1 for troll of the year (nm)slow-ron
Dec 30, 2002 1:49 PM
I see your Cherry1 and raise you a DuraAceBob. (nm)VertAddict
Dec 30, 2002 2:26 PM
among the best are...Frith
Dec 30, 2002 2:14 PM
-The "here is a picture of my new bike" or "look what i just finished building up" are my favourite.

-I'm also a big fan of the pics of partially naked females on or around bikes that pop up on occasion.

-Most informative have to be the geometry discussions that are largely dominated by c-40. Although I have to admit that when the phrase "it's basic trig..." or the word "cosine" shows up, my interest fades quickly.

-I also have to admit I'm not particularly interested in ride reports. The odd one catches my attention but for the most part they consist of pictures of handlebars and nameless stretches of road and countryside that I might only find interesting if I was on them.

-Campag vs. shimano bores me to tears.

-The most humorous for me was when someone (kristen maybe?) posted a thread about some tights that didn't fit, and was shortly thereafter berrated for posting such an inane topic. I couldn't believe the reaction.
Best Overall - "My Weekend parts 1 and 2" Ahimsa (nm)Uprwstsdr
Dec 30, 2002 3:24 PM
Jumping the Great Wall of Chinachazman
Dec 30, 2002 4:23 PM
The original post was great but then all of the photoshop creations that continued to follow were the best... EVER.
re: Nominations for Year's Best Threads?Scot_Gore
Dec 30, 2002 5:59 PM
1. Most informative
This one helped me understand what a "slack seat tube" meant
C-40 "?? about Seat Tube Angle" 11/20/02 7:49pm

2. Most humorous
Hayaku slaying the snow demon (can't find the link)

3. Best troll
Kristin trolling MasonJ when nobody would tell him what RRP meant.
MasonJ "Who Is RPR?" 11/22/02 10:14am

5. Best ride report (likely MB1 here, running away with it)
The one that got the rest of us started.
MB1 "Gettysburg Ride report and pix." 2/18/02 6:36pm

6. Worst personal gaff (without getting personal)
Back in August when Lazy double posted his message as both Lazywriter and Trollgirl. (can't find the tread)

7. Most FAQ
Maybe it's just the season, but it seems like the roller vs trainer post has been coming fast and furious lately.

8. Best poll
Long Ride definitions by MB1
scruffyduncan "Poll, define "Long Ride"" 11/18/02 9:05am
I rather liked Ashima's Karate Monkey series.Ken of Fresno
Dec 31, 2002 9:21 AM
It poignantly detailed man's growing obsession with the bicycle and displayed clever nods to Bruce Lee as well as Stanley Kubrik's Space Odyssey. Well done.