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Nokon or IRD Metawire cable systems?(2 posts)

Nokon or IRD Metawire cable systems?jvr-oclv
Dec 29, 2002 1:29 PM
Well have some Xmas money to spend. Just looking for opions on the Nokon or IRD Metawire shifting and braking cable sets. They will be installed on a Shimano Dura Ace group.
Is Nokon better than IRD or the other way around. Quality of the products which is better....etc. Thanks for any help.
Nokon IMHO not best choice for Shimano-equipped road bikesMarkus_B
Dec 30, 2002 1:52 PM
I equipped my "old" MTB with Nokon pearls in September 2001. Since then, I rode about 1.000 km with that bike. Up to now, I had no shifting problems though it mostly were rather muddy miles (by the way: Gore "Ultralight" stopped working after the first rain ride). However, I would'd buy Nokons for my road bike, because on Shimano-equipped road bikes the Nokons' ability to form very small diameter curves may turn into a disadvantage:

(There are two possibilities to mount Nokons:)

1) Underneath the bar tape (Campa-like), only showing a tight bend from the STI's cable exit to its bottom. For pictures go to "" (not:, chose "deutsch" (!), "aktuell", click on the blue link "Bilder hier" (Message dated 13.09.2002). (Possible) Disadvantage: Increased friction (according to German magazine "tour", issue 12/2001).

2) The usual way directly from the STI's cable exit to the cable guides of the downtube. (Possible) Disadvantage: High flexibility may result in the cable hanging loose - the Nokon pearls don't have the tension of a standard cable housing and therefore are IMHO not suitable for long distances.

I don't know the IRD system at all so no opinion which is better.