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$7 Base Layer(12 posts)

$7 Base LayerAlpedhuez55
Dec 29, 2002 9:43 AM
I was at a Walmart and they had a clearance deal going on for a long sleeve drymax jersey. It is nothing special. It is made by Starter. It yellow, red and light blue it was $7 and black and white it was $10 to $12. It is a good cheap wicking layer to wear under a polar fleece for cold weather riding.

Mike Y.
re: $7 Base LayerSnyder
Dec 29, 2002 10:22 AM
I got a couple of these a few weeks ago.. Great price.
Got 5 of 'em now...Lone Gunman
Dec 29, 2002 5:50 PM
wear one under a wool sweater every day to work to keep me dry and warm.
re: $7 Base LayerWoozy
Dec 29, 2002 10:43 PM
In which department did you see these jerseys?
re: $7 Base LayerAlpedhuez55
Dec 30, 2002 5:33 AM
THe shirts were in the Mens Clothing section. THey had two racks of them in the store I was in.

Mike Y.
re: $7 Base LayerBIGBOB
Dec 30, 2002 4:31 AM
I don't know how widespread the Rugged Outdoors Whse. chain is but they have Defeet Cooltec Alta long sleeve lightweight shirts at $5 each. Great to layer under heavier riding clothes or for skiing.
No offense intended here, and I do understand how personal...sprockets2
Dec 30, 2002 10:37 AM
economics can easily trump other considerations. However, when we buy no-name things from slavewage/sweatshop outfits-especially those like Walmart who treat their own North American workers like crap-we are *not* supporting those manufacturers and vendors who provide full ranges of quality products we like and sometimes do patronize. Some of the good guys are having difficultes because of the aforementioned types of outfits. An example is Malden Mills, the guys who actually make Polartec. Check them out. That's good capitalism.

So what am I saying here? That it might be better for everyone-short and longterm-if we sometimes patronize domestic vendors, maybe even your local LBS, and pay a bit more for a slightly better item that may be produced domestically or at least not in a sweatshop (it IS hard to know).
No offense intended here, and I do understand how personal...Alpedhuez55
Dec 30, 2002 12:50 PM
A simular product made by Craft or DiMarchi sold at a local bike shop can run $35 to $45. Maybe we can boycott their products for high markups. Starter is hardly a no-name company and have produced products for many professional sports teams in the past. THe shirt is well made and what you would expect for a base layer undershirt. I would also recommend the long underwear sold at Walmart made for Remington, the Gun Company. I got mine for $5 each top & bottom. They also have a wicking layers.

I would rather buy my three $7 shirts and have $100 left to spend on something else, like that Wind Stopper polar fleece pullover or those Time Impact pedals I want. Or other things like food and rent.

My employer treats me like crap, but I put up with it. If Walmart employees are not happy with their employer, the can go elsewhere. If enough people leave, then they will have to increase pay and benefits to retain quality employees. You could also say I am helping these employees' cause by shopping at their store. Walmart is a customer of my company and I know first hand they offer employees a decent benefits package at a fair price.

Socially Responsible spending is good when you can afford it. There are certain companies and products I will avoid. Walmart is not one of them. I also have limited resources I can spend on my hobbies such as Golf and Cycling. If you have the disposable income to spend $40 on an undershirt, I am happy for you. I need to spend my money wisely.

Mike Y.
Didn't starter go out of businessUncleMoe
Dec 30, 2002 2:14 PM
I know they filed for bankruptcy about 4 years ago and I thought they dissolved shortly after that. I bought some starter basketball jerseys at a walmart a few years back for $7 each. Great quality at that price. I would hazard another guess that the inexpensive great deals we find in some stores are of similar fashion...manufacturers that went under and discount stores that got great liquidation prices.

I don't see any problem with it buying it. Thats what our system is built upon. I wouldn't base my entire biking attire on such products, but for a base layer its the only way to go. It would suck if the only option was a $30 wicking long sleeve t-shirt, especially if you ride a lot this time of the year. That would be many loads of laundry or lots of pricey items.
Didn't starter go out of businessAlpedhuez55
Dec 30, 2002 3:02 PM
I remember that, I think they either reorganized or maybe the name was bought by Walmart. Kind of like the way K-Mart bought the rights to produce Thom McCann Shoes after they went under. The merchandise was new. They had a lot of different items including stuff for the patriots and Boston College. They also had sweat suits.

The shirt was made in Mexico. I think it is of pretty good quality. Great buy for the money.

Mike Y.
re: $7 Base Layergrettm
Dec 30, 2002 11:32 AM
Bought one too! Now I wish I got more of them....
re: $7 Base Layermorkm
Dec 30, 2002 1:04 PM
Check out: (nm)