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Fancy fenders(7 posts)

Fancy fendersGeekRoadie
Dec 28, 2002 1:38 PM
I've got a set of Zefal Speedclips that I would like to replace with something else. Work great so long as you have eyelets on your fork. No-go for for most carbon forks, though. I just looked at the CC catalog and saw these->

Anyone try these out yet? They look pretty cool since no eyelets are required for the front or the rear.
keep me informed too.eyebob
Dec 28, 2002 4:16 PM
I don't have any way to mount fenders and I'm thinking of those type that just clamp on to the seat post.

re: Fancy fendersgtx
Dec 28, 2002 4:38 PM
Those look cool. From the photos I can't tell if they need to be able to run under the brake bridge or fork. I don't have enough clearance under my brake bridge on one bike. On another bike I don't have enough clearance under the fork. If these don't run under the brakes they might do the trick, though I'd say they are somewhat overpriced.
re: Fancy fendersgtx
Dec 28, 2002 4:47 PM
I just called Colorado Cyclist and couldn't get a firm answer on how they set up with regards to the brake bridge or front fork (though it's probably not somehing a dremel tool couldn't solve). Too bad they don't have a better photo.
re: Agree with gtxcrosscut
Dec 28, 2002 9:51 PM
These are very pricey. Still, they are better than nothing, I suppose, if you don't have eyelets. I too wonder about the clearance. There isn't much room for fenders on modern road racing bikes.
clearance...Andy M-S
Dec 29, 2002 4:29 AM
As someone who regularly rides a road bike with fenders, I can tell you that one of the biggest problems with clearance on modern road bikes is the seatstay bridge, and the usual reason for trouble there is that this is typically where a bracket for the fender gets installed, which means the fender is an even tighter fit there than elsewhere on the bike.

It looks like these new fenders (apparently made by SKS) avoid the need for brackets either there or at the headtube. The only questions to remain are...

1. Do they go low enough?

2. Could you attach a mudflap?

3. How fast can you mount/dismount them?

They're about twice what a "normal" set of fenders costs, but it looks like you could just pop 'em on if it looks like ride day is going to be rainy, a major plus.
saw 'em, too... but you can mount fenders w/out eyeletscory
Dec 28, 2002 6:13 PM
I was looking at those the other day, too. They look pretty cool...but you can get good SKS fenders for about $30 at REI and mount them with zip ties or those vinyl-coated C-shaped clamps (can't remember their real name, but Home Depot has about a jillion sizes). The Rivendell Web site has more information. I installed Zefals on my SS that way, and they've lasted a couple of years.