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Specialized Turbo Sport Tires? Experiences?(3 posts)

Specialized Turbo Sport Tires? Experiences?crosscut
Dec 27, 2002 4:05 PM
I'm building a bike for my son, and I'm leaning toward getting a tire that is tougher than the typical racing tire, at least for the early season while he trains for summer triatholons. He'll be riding on some not-so-tire-friendly roads. At the LBS today I looked at the Specialized Turbo Sport tires. Kevlar, wire bead, Flack Jacket subtread (whatever that means), seems fairly light for a wire bead. Any of you have any experiences with these? Any other suggestions?
re: Specialized Turbo Sport Tires? Experiences?GeekRoadie
Dec 27, 2002 8:46 PM
I've got a set on my rain bike. The tread is pretty deep and lasts quite a long time. One flat in 1500 miles isn't too bad. The ride though, is pretty dead. The sidewalls are thicker than other tires, resulting in a harsh ride. For that reason I run my 23's at 100-105 psi depending on the conditions. Pretty good for the $20 I spent for them.

I use Michelin Axial Carbons and Conti Gatorskins on my other rides. You will find that these two are pretty popular around here.. and for good reason. I'd suggest getting either one instead .

Agree with rider
Dec 30, 2002 4:56 AM
If you can budjet the purchase for the gatorskins. I bought one specialize turbo tire last winter and gave it away after one ride.

I thought it was too heavy with the flat protection. I owned the original Armadilo tires they sold in the early 90's and got flats on those. I thought that extra protection was suppose to help solve that problem.

I had better luck with the continental tires. I would get the gatorskins, but they do run over $35 a tire. I bet they would last longer then 4k miles. I'm cheap, so for winter tires I got the sport 1000 from continentals to get through this crappy weather.

We have a lot of touring members in our road club who uses the continental touring 2000 tire to ride across USA and the perimeter route (12,000 miles) and never got a flat. That's some tough tires to do those routes.