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thanks to all for mtb advice...(3 posts)

thanks to all for mtb advice...JS Haiku Shop
Dec 27, 2002 6:17 AM

thanks again!

Belated advice. . .js5280
Dec 29, 2002 7:00 PM
I think Giant makes two great options that would suit you well. Their hardtail, the XTC-2 is a sweet, race ready hardtail bike right around $1k. If you decide to go Full suspension. Check out the NRS. The 2 is better as far as race ready, but you're talking $1500. The 3 gets your closer to $1100-1200 but it gets a little heavy and sub-par race ready components. IMO Giant generally is the best value bike in terms of weight, components, performance, and price unless you can find some discounted 2002 models. That may be difficult if you don't plan to buy soon. Jamis also makes some nice bikes at that price but I think the Giants are much better. You might be able to build a bike if you can find a good frame discount, but a new LX/XT groupo is going to be $400/600 approximiately. Buying used blows the doors wide open and you should be able to get a year or two old full suspension, race ready bike at that price. If you're thinking used, think about a used Santa Cruz Superlight. Awesome bike, I ride one, and it's a full on efficient dual XC racer. Can't blame any shortfalls on this bike. You'll appreachiate the full suspension on a 12 hour race and it will help you negotiate more difficult terrain, but you do pay for that extra boing in the back.

I see RBR folks are as prejudiced and misinformed about MTBR as MTBR are about RBR. I think the average age over there is about 30 years old, not 19 or something. They think we're a bunch of euro-trash, uptight weenies though :-) I like both boards, but for different reasons, just like riding dirt vs. road. Don't be afraid to ask your questions there, I highly doubt you'll get flamed any more than people flame newbies here.
thanks! nmJS Haiku Shop
Dec 30, 2002 6:20 AM