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How much do the pros make?(11 posts)

How much do the pros make?Col1
Dec 26, 2002 8:57 PM
Just wondering what sort of money do the top pro's make, and what about their domestics do they still make a reasonable living as well?
Probably safe to say millions, with advertisments and allscottfromcali
Dec 26, 2002 11:17 PM
Dec 27, 2002 6:38 AM
With the excption of Lance, Jan, Jaja,Heras and about 6 other bike riders none of them make millions. As a matter of fact, Lance and Jan were the first to make more than a million. Before that, Jaja and Abraham Olano were the only ones to make 1Mill. Take even Hincapie, even when Lance wins the Tour and 5 other races with George as a domestique...I doubt he comes close to a million dollars. He and his carnac adds I'm sure are good cash for what its worth but not 6 figures. Unfortunatly, its not baseball or basketball... or golf or hockey even. No cyclist probably work the hardest and spend the most amount of time working, but get the least $$. Just to be in the USA national " PRO " pelotn you have to cough up 25k to the USCF for the status to be invited to events like Philly or NY or SF. Its pretty lame... thats why its better to be on an amature po team in my mind. You might get less $$, less expenses paid, less recognition but you still get to race all the same people as the pros.
AHAHAHAH I doubt it!moo2
Dec 27, 2002 6:49 AM
I really hope you meant 7 figures, because we all know that $100,000 is six figures.

If George H. isn't making at least $100K, he needs to find a new job.
George is doing very well2melow
Dec 27, 2002 8:26 AM
One of my friends that lived in Charlotte use to ride with him before he moved to CO and George moved to SC.

A custom house, BMW M3 in the garage, and a totally decked out home theater with custom leather couches and recliners...George is doing just fine. And this was in 1999. I bet his new house is even bigger considering he lives on top of a mountain.
George is doing very wellCARBON110
Dec 27, 2002 11:10 AM
I ment 7 figures and Greenville isnt exactly expensive. I net 74k a year and have similar stuff.... so thats no way to judge. My point is he isnt making a million a year or even close to that. I am sure makes a great living fora cyclist and he earns it... more so then basball players!
Probably not as much as you would thinkms
Dec 27, 2002 8:26 AM
Although the big names can command $500,000 to $1million, most people in the pro peloton make a great deal less. I have a recollection that Aitor Gonzales' 2002 salary from Kelme was 50,000 Euros (about $50,000). Given that the overall budgets of many pro teams are in the range of $3-5 million, my guess is that there are not many riders that are making much more that $100,000.
Probably not as much as you would thinkking of Norway
Dec 27, 2002 9:11 AM
It always surprises me when I read the procycling email news articles of pro riders who leave the sport for other professions such as graphic design or the police force. In 2 articles this year 2 spanish riders said enough and one returned to school to get a degree in graphis and the other was inclined to enroll in the police academy to become a cop. Based on this I would tend to agree that apart from the top 10-12 riders the salary drop off is pretty severe. It also seems that alot of pro riders also still live at home with parents or extended family which also rmay reflect on their salary.
It's for the love of the sport!BigLeadOutGuy
Dec 28, 2002 6:57 PM
I dont think too many guys are pulling 7 figures. Ullrich cant find a team to sign him for 1 mil. Kelme was having trouble paying oscar seville 350k (which isnt chumpchange) but I think its safe to say that most guys make 6 figures at best if there lucky. I laughed when I read that Aitor only made 50k...they guy won the vuelta for crying out loud! This definatley isnt the sport to make millions in...or even hundreds of thousands. =)
re: Think about the venue...crosscut
Dec 28, 2002 10:13 PM
Sure, plenty of fans line the roads to watch the pro cyclists flash by, but how much did they spend for a ticket? Riders are totally dependent on what their sponsors can afford (or want to pay) for essentially travelling billboards on a bike and team cars. Barry Bonds can say he sold X number of tickets for X number of dollars when he negotiates a contract. Jeez, they built Yankee stadium because of Babe Ruth. The lack of revenue from the lack of ticket sales really hurts pro cyclists and other such sports that don't perform in a confined venue where tickets can be sold.
How much would a ticket be worth?BigLeadOutGuy
Dec 29, 2002 5:21 AM
Very good point!
What do you think would happen if race officials barricaded the road on key climb of a race or stage and the only way they would let you through is to buy a ticket....would people pay? how much would they pay? and most of all do you think it would work?
its a tough call cause usually spectators only seea bike race for about 10 seconds not like watchin a 3 hour game in a stadium.
interesting =)