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Bike Fit for Mountain Biker(3 posts)

Bike Fit for Mountain Bikertoonces
Dec 26, 2002 12:13 PM
I'm looking at getting a road bike (track bike to be specific) and am not sure what size I should be looking for. I've done the fit thing measuring inseam and such, but the thing is, I have looong legs and tend to like my bikes a bit smaller than normal. I'm 6'0" and that would, I think, put me on a 59cm frame. THat's about all I know. I don't know if top tubes are measuered the same in the MTB and road world so I don't know if my preferred 22.75 TT (effective) would even apply to a road frame. Should I go with a 58 or 57?

There is the whole test ride thing I plan on doing, but again, I'm a MTBiker so I have no idea how a road bike should fit. I'm hoping I just 'feel it' because I know that things will be different once I start getting used to the bike.

Any help is much appreciated.
Do the pro-fit kit or ride a beater for a while...Quack
Dec 26, 2002 1:10 PM
I would recommend getting professionally fit by a high-end shop or a shop that knows what they are doing. They will do more than just measure your inseam and call it good. (flexibility, strength, overall build, riding style, lengths of leg and arm bones, etc) If you don't want to pay the $100 and haven't ridden a road racer for a while or ever, I would recommend riding someone's clunker that's close to your size for a couple hundred miles first. If you end up feeling stretched out or cramped, you can take measurements right off the bike and adjust accordingly.

Just make sure you get the right frame size or a touch smaller. That way you can only get nicked for the price of a new stem if it isn't quite long enough. You indicated being 6 foot and long legs so that's what 35" inseam??? You would definitely want to go with a smaller frame than the frame recommended by the .67*inseam method. If you rode one of those larger frames, you could be way stretched out across the top and likely have back discomfort. But it might work if you have long arms to match. I rode a bike for 1.5 years that was about 1-2cm long across the top with an 8cm stem and the only thing I could do was replace the frame for 2cm. I would say that if a bike feels good to you with an 11-12cm stem, you should be safe. Then you will have some room for adjustment later when you find what your body really wants. I think most stems go from 9-14cm.

Good luck!
Do the pro-fit kit or ride a beater for a while...toonces
Dec 26, 2002 3:10 PM
I know I won't be paying the dough for a fit session as the bike I'm looking at is a rather inexpensive track bike. I'm cheap :)

But my inseam as I measuered is 34.5". I don't know how long the stem is on the bike, but for my type of riding, I'd like a slightly more upright riding position. Shorter may do that for me. But bars/stems may do the same.

I'm going to ask around and see if anyone has a road bike that I can ride a few miles to see how it feels. Thanks for the info!