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How is the riding in Gambier, Knox county, Ohio?(4 posts)

How is the riding in Gambier, Knox county, Ohio?sprocket rocket
Dec 23, 2002 9:12 PM
I am sooo sick of this California weather. I live in Oakland, CA but the job market is pushing me out to Ohio. I know the monster hills aren't there so I will probably have to dust off my 11x21.
re: How is the riding in Gambier, Knox county, Ohio?Thorman
Dec 24, 2002 5:18 AM
I live in Stark County (Canton/Akron), which is around 90 minutes north of Knox county and looking at my Topo software see that this area is pretty flat. Just to the east of Knox county the hills start so if you want to climb there's plenty of hills in the area.

For the most part Ohio is flat in the west and hilly in the east, but if you're coming from Oakland what we call hilly won't even compare. Most of the climbs here max out at around a mile in length.

The weather here is usually in the 30's most of the winter months so with the right gear you can get out on the road most days. This year has been a little colder than usual.

Kenyon grad here.Alex-in-Evanston
Dec 24, 2002 7:54 AM
I can only imagine that you're going to be working at Kenyon, as there is not much else in Gambier. I didn't ride when I was in school, but have brought my bike for subsequent visits. The riding is wonderful. The terrain has a lot of texture, and road builders in that area don't think twice about plowing right up the steep part of a hill. I had my fixed gear and was perishing.

There's a nice rail-trail that runs through town called the Kokosing Gap trail. I did a search for clubs and rides in that area once and seem to recall an active brevet series somewhere between Gambier and Columbus. I think you'll love the riding. Nice, scenic, twisty country roads.

re: How is the riding in Gambier, Knox county, Ohio?RTC
Dec 26, 2002 2:56 PM
The riding in that area can be a mix of flats and a never ending up and down. Columbus Outdoor Pursuits puts on a ride every Sept. from Gambier called the Knox Co Challenge. The first 20 is flat and then you only see 1 more flat spot right before lunch. The rest of the ride is a never ending up and down with 4-5 pretty good climbs of around 1/2-1 mile. Nothing incredidly steep, but this ride wears you down. Mix in some late Sept. temps in the 80's and this ride will have you begging for the car/van. As you go East of Gambier is where the hills tend to be. Well organized and usually a good crowd. Roscoe Village climb right outside of Coshocton is always a crowd favorite. Turn left in town and a stair stepped climb of around 1 mile bites you real hard!

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