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Lance's Cyclocross bike...?(6 posts)

Lance's Cyclocross bike...?QUiTSPiNiNArOuND
Dec 23, 2002 7:30 AM
On, it shows lance racing in a cyclocross race... is that bike he's riding custom, i dont notice the frame in treks line-up, is he testing another prototype?
dont know the story...Steve_0
Dec 23, 2002 7:39 AM
but dont forget that Trek wouldnt be happy if lance was seen riding another make.

Remember lances old TT bike? Despite the badge that werent no trek.
Looks like a Trek XO1 'Cross bike. (nm)Gregory Taylor
Dec 23, 2002 7:46 AM
Lance's Cyclocross bike; His win over Will BlackTig
Dec 23, 2002 8:26 AM
I've seen a few of XO 1's on rides this year, and they look the same.

Although 32 year old Will Black didn't place in this year's US ‘cross championships, don't underestimate him. When a great rider like Lance (at any time of year) can win by only 20 seconds over him, that says quite a bit. Will is an incredible athlete and had to at least make the race a good challenge for Lance. I'm sure Will felt the pain as well!

I used to ride with and race against Will way back when we were getting into racing. I managed to beat him only one time... in a citizen's road race at the sprint for 5th place (um, not exactly a pinnacle of my career! LOL). He later dominated the MTB scene and would go around to different states and win their state championships from them! The last few years he has been whipping everyone in cyclocross by hammering from the start and lapping the field... except for one rider named Brent Turner.

I get beat up by Brent's Cat 2 legs on training rides every week. He can pull the group for minutes at a time at ungodly speeds and then whip everyone in the sprint. He was the only one to not get lapped by Black in a recent 'cross race, which is an honor! I'd bet my life earnings that Brent could smoke everyone reading this board. I say this only to put the skills of Lance, Will, and Brent in perspective, and how us poor mortals fall so far under them in an athletic way.
I'll ask wrenchteoteoteo
Dec 23, 2002 1:43 PM
LA's full-time wrench is a friend. I'll ask but if I remember correctly he told me they were XO1's

Will is a cool cat and a stud. He dominated the field when I race expert mtb's...nice guy and a testament to hard work and great attitude.
re: Lance's Cyclocross bike...?mosovich
Dec 23, 2002 9:35 AM
Looks like an XO-1 frame to me. Look at the rear end and then look at an XO-1. Notice how the rear triangles are alike, just a different paint job. Fork is the same as well.