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What will a new bike do for me: follow up.(1 post)

What will a new bike do for me: follow up.HillRepeater
Dec 23, 2002 6:39 AM
So, I read all the responses and starting looking around. I found out that a fellow RBR'er lives in the same city as I do, and also happend to have a lightly used, full DuraAce Bianchi for sale. So, I contacted TeoTeoTeo - we did a test ride - I liked the bike - the price was right - so now I own a Bianchi SL with DA. Early Christmas present to myself!

Of course, it's raining now, which is a given when you buy a new bike, but here are some of the differences I noted on the ride yesterday:

- New bike is much lighter - probably 3-4lbs. Can't say I noticed any difference riding, but it's nice to pick up!

- Not as harsh riding (and I was using the wheelset and tires off of my old bike - I plan to build up something nice sometime later). Noticed this a lot on textured pavement. Strangely, the bike also seemed stiffer - no wag at the BB or rear end.

- Shifting was more 'positive'

- No bar or stem flex

- Celeste is an 'interesting' color... It's growing on me though (though I am going to replace the matching seat and bar tape with something less green).

I'll post more once I get some additional ride time in.

Thanks for all the feedback.