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Broken crankarm = broken collarbone(8 posts)

Broken crankarm = broken collarboneridewt
Dec 23, 2002 5:55 AM
One of my teammates, who seems to have an inordinate amount of mechanical problems, was out riding yesterday and broke a relatively new Shimano Ultegra crankarm in half - right about half-way in the length in the crankarm. He fell and broke his collarbone. I know this very rare. Anyone have any experience like that or with dealing with the manufacturer for compensation? Thanks.
thats why I ride campyishmael
Dec 23, 2002 7:17 AM
thats crazy! If cranks can break, anything can break.
Them's fighting words, sonPaulCL
Dec 23, 2002 8:25 AM
But me too.

I broke an Ultegra right crankarm due to a wreck. The broken crank did not cause the wreck. After going down HARD, the crank was cracked. At the time , I replaced it with another Ultegra crank. Two years later, I saw the light and replaced everything with Campy Record. Never going back....
I snapped a drop-forged-steel Schwinn crank once ...Humma Hah
Dec 23, 2002 7:22 AM
... and have had a few other sudden drivetrain failures. I always hit the ground hard on the right side of the bike (I'm right-footed and apply maximum force on that side). Never have broken anything, but it hurts like a sumbitch.

I've worked for a failure analysis lab. Returning the part to the mfr with some indication that you might try to recover damages would probably cause the part to mysteriously get lost. If your friend really wants to go for compensation, he'd need to have it examined by a qualified metallurgist, who could probably spot a serious flaw at 10 paces. He'd probably also charge a few hundred bucks, and your friend would probably need a lawyer to rattle the mfgr's cage. So unless he's planning to recover some thousands of bucks, its probably not worthwhile.

One thing to look for that would reveal one kind of defect really easily is to look for bubbles, porosity, or included (cast-in) trash at the fracture. These are very easy to spot, and are a manufacturing defect.

In the absence of those, I'd bet there's a sharp deliniation, possibly curved like a thumbnail, of relatively smooth surface, then a rougher surface, although you might have a hard time recognizing it. That's a fatigue crack. It probably initiated from a notch, dent, or other sharp surface feature. That could be the result of a mfg flaw, or damage after manufacture. Fatigue cases get messier -- they rely on opinions and each side would probably produce experts saying its the other side's fault.
re: I rode with guy who broke DA crankarmcyclopathic
Dec 23, 2002 8:08 AM
but he was a big and strong rider and had cranks for several years/long long miles. He got out with planting family jewels on TT (oach!) and big bruises, no broken bones.

With respect to your friend Shimano warranties explicitly say that liability is limited to parts only, not to resulting damages as I recall. If he wants to get out of it more then new cranks he'll need a lawyer.
re: Broken crankarm = broken collarbonedave woof
Dec 23, 2002 9:23 AM
I broke an Ultegra crank a few months back. Snapped in two near the middle - left crank. Got it replaced for free at Supergo, no warranty questions at all. I don't know if it cracked from a stress riser or what - it did creak for a few days before the break, I didn't crash or anything.

Hadn't gotten around to checking the creak before it broke.

Campy breaks too!dasho
Dec 23, 2002 3:10 PM
I found this post in the RBRs review section for Campy Chorus. She broke her collarbone in addition to 77 stiches. I guess neither brand is perfect.

Reviewed by: Suzy , Road Racer, from Middleton, WI

Bike Setup:
Trek 5200

While it worked, it worked about as well as you would expect for any gruppo at roughly this price, but not any better than the cheaper Daytona.
In the final analysis, crank structural failure IN THE FIRST YEAR is totally not acceptable. It makes this gruppo not roadworthy. I will never really trust campy again.

Looks good in a chi chi, cottage industry sort of way.

Durability, safety. Left crank snapped at the spindle joint after 3500 miles. I broke my wrist, collar bone, plus 77 stitches in elbow and forehead.

Similar Products Used:
Older Chorus, Daytona, 600, 105
This was at the spindle joint tooPODIUMBOUNDdotCA
Dec 23, 2002 8:15 PM
All the stories I've heard of including when I snapped my crank were about in the center. Where you'd expect something to break over time since thats the highest stress area if I'm not mistake.

I broke a Coda crank doing a start with someone holding a towel behind me on about the 2nd pedal stroke so I just planted my foot and stopped moving.