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No reviews on Bell owners, how is it?(7 posts)

No reviews on Bell owners, how is it?MVN
Dec 22, 2002 9:24 PM
Didn't find any reviews on the Ghisallo. Can you owners out there tell me your thoughts on it? Mine arrives tomorrow (last years model from JensonUSA). Just curious as to the venting and weight. I did read a review of the Pneumo in which the reviewer said that the Ghisallo vented much better, in his opinion. Thanks.
Dec 22, 2002 10:50 PM
I received mine from JensonUSA last week. The weight is nice, I can't tell much difference between it and the Giro Pneumo. The venting is more, I think, because in a mirror the Bell shows more of my head. The Giro Pneumo is a better looking helmet, IMHO. The Bell fits better and has a great tightening system that uses an adjusting wheel you turn with your thumb.

The Bell is shaped for my head perfectly, the Giro works for heads not as round, maybe.

I bought mine in white, (The best color choice, again, IMHO.) but the Bell logo in front is too big and peeling it off makes it look much better and it comes off easily causing no damage.

Great deal for the money!!
Love it...husker
Dec 23, 2002 2:53 AM
Great helmet. Also, it adjusts very well to wearing a hat under the helmet for this time of year, and then adjusts to no hat with no problem. I also got mine from Jenson and in white. It arrived on time and has been great for about two months and has gone through one head first crash with no troubles, cracks or anything else. I could go on and on, but its a great helmet.
re: No reviews on Bell owners, how is it?KEN2
Dec 23, 2002 6:10 AM
I'm a Bell fan, because they fit my head well whereas Giro never does. I've had the Ghisallo for a couple of months now, love the quick dial fit system and the venting, no complaints whatsoever.
re: No reviews on Bell owners, how is it?dickruthlynn
Dec 23, 2002 9:23 AM
I have one and really like it. I bought a frame and had it built up with DA with a 12-27 cassett. Bike weight, with pedals and a SLR saddle, is 15.3 lbs. Pedals are SPD with a Ti axle, 200 grams from Performance about $80. The ride is great although getting a proper fit takes time. Finally had to swap out the saddle.
Now that's funny! (nm)53T
Dec 23, 2002 10:37 AM
re: No reviews on Bell owners, how is it?Silas_Greenback
Dec 23, 2002 9:24 AM
My wife and I bought them at the Jenson sale and love them. We got them in school bus yellow which I recommend for safety purposes. Great helmet and unbeatable at the price.