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need help on a new workstand(5 posts)

need help on a new workstandmrr
Dec 22, 2002 5:44 PM
Hi I just purchased a new Ultimate Pro workstand. It got great reviews on epinions, roadbike review etc. as an excellent sturdy, stable, dream of a workstand. Am I doing anything wrong or do I expect too much?
The unit has a loud creaking sound. When you clamp something up you can't work on it as it shakes and moves all over the place. Even without a bike and in a normal position the whole column shakes and turns all over the place. The arm that has the clamp that holds the bike also moves all over the place. Please help me. Should I return this stand, am I expecting perfection or am I doing something wrong. I tighterned all the screws and greased all the creakable spots. I hate this stand. Is the Park Tool pro 5 any better. All I did was gently wipe down the bike and the bike shakes and moves a good one to two inches of play. Shouldn't the bike stay put like a rock so you can work on it? Thank you very much for your help. mrr
re: need help on a new workstandgtx
Dec 22, 2002 6:33 PM
I think the only workstand worth anything is the beefy shop quality Park with the 70 pound base plate (can't remember the model #). Great clamp and very stable. I liked 'em when I worked in shops and have owned one for 10 years.
Just a hunch, butcoonass
Dec 22, 2002 8:13 PM
I don't think you have the 'arm' secured into the recessed notch of the main unit....make sure that you place the 'arm' into the notched area before you tighten the arm...(it's not that noticable, and easy to overlook as a new user)....I hope this is the reason for your issues, because I do praise my U.P....
re: need help on a new workstandoutofthesaddle
Dec 23, 2002 2:29 PM
I have the same one. I am not a fan of the creaking. In fact, I took the first one I bought back to Performance because it was so loud. The newer one is marginally better in the creaking dept. I wonder if they changed something in the design because I asked this same question about two months ago and no one was having a creaking problem. At this point I've kind of gotten used to it. On the plus side its pretty sturdy.
Need to insert the arm into the machined cup collar2melow
Dec 26, 2002 9:54 AM
if you can read a yellow sticker, you need put the arm into the machined cup.

The tripod design works best if you have the bottom bracket over a leg (you have to straddle a leg.)

The creaking noise can be solved with a squirt of Tri-Flow or Armor all. You have purchased the best portable repair stand on the market, so I think you must have set it up wrong. Call 800.525.5628 if you have any further questions.