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I'm getting a "subscription" to Colorado Cyclist 4 Christmas(6 posts)

I'm getting a "subscription" to Colorado Cyclist 4 ChristmasPaulCL
Dec 21, 2002 2:34 PM

Funny story. My wife suggested a gift for me to her uncle. The suggested gift was to extend my Cyclosport subcription. But at $50 per year, it was a bit too much. Upon my suggestion, she emailed him an idea to get me a gift certificate to Colorado Cyclist. Always a good thing.

He emailed back that Colorado cyclist was going to give him a deal: they will send to me 10 free copies per year for the next three years!! He felt so lucky to be getting such a deal!! Now on to the next in-law gift.....

We got such a good laugh out of it that we didn't have the heart to tell him CC's a catalogue sent to everyone for free. My laugh for the day. I'm surprised someone at CC didn't clue him in.

Happy Holidays. Paul
Man, Laugh out loud funny! nmmotta
Dec 22, 2002 5:24 AM
and I can NOT get them to send me ONE!!!!OwenMeany
Dec 22, 2002 6:06 AM
This is no joke.

About 2 years ago, I went to their site and did a "catalog regest". Waited. No catalog.

2 months later called the 800 number and made a human request for a catalog. I was told it would be out today!! Waited. No catalog.

Then after a move to a new adress, I went through the above process again. Waited. No catalog.

Someone suggested I order something from them and then I would be sure to get their catalogs...well, being the Adam Smith dollar voter I am, I refuse to resort to such activity. I have spend hundereds if not thousands of dollar in bike "stuff"...and I am happy to say not one penny to Colorado Cyclist...
Ok, if you send me ten bucks,djg
Dec 22, 2002 11:07 AM
then I promise to send you my back copies of the catalogue, right up to the point where I've spent the 10 bucks on postage. I don't know that this solves your problem in a way you find satsifactory, but it does promise to provide you with catalogues without sending THEM any money.

I'm not sure what the problem is. I've bought things from CC over the years, but they are not my exclusive or even main source for stuff and they seem to send me an astonishing number of glossy catalogues (hope you liked the early fall catalogue because here is our mid-fall catalogue, containing round about all the same stuff as before . . . ). Also, I've always found their customer service to be pretty good.
get a USCF license....Bruno S
Dec 22, 2002 9:27 PM
and all sort of strange cycling publications start to be getting mailed to you.
and I can NOT get them to send me ONE!!!!aliensporebomb
Dec 24, 2002 9:42 AM
I had the same problem - made requests. Zippo. Weird.