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Be extra carefull out thereon the road(9 posts)

Be extra carefull out thereon the roadabicirider
Dec 20, 2002 4:11 PM
Boy don't know if it is just me but in the last 3 days of riding I have had more close calls in getting nailed by cars than all last summer. Maybe it is that Christmas and New years is just a couple of days away and people are a million miles away while they are driving but they are just not paying attention on the road at all at least here in North Carolina. Just want to tell everybody riding the next few days take extra care and really keep a heads up would hate for anybody to have an incident. Be safe out there.

Happy Holidays,
Ray Still
Mooresville, NC
Not just you, I noticed it tooLC
Dec 20, 2002 8:40 PM
There is also alot more traffic than normal on the usual quiet roads.
i got hit yesterdayjimsawino
Dec 20, 2002 11:02 PM
and what a b.otch it was that hit me (and it was ENTIRELY her fault --> she turned left and t-boned me). i was calm (unlike the last time) when i approached her, and after i said i wasn't hurt i told her i'd need her information so i could contact her if there was any bike (tcr team frame, D/A, kysysium, etc) damage after i got it checked by the shop. after making me wait 8 minutes in the cole rain (my stopwatch was on, and it was 41 degrees, driving rain, and i'd been out for 41 solo miles to make me feel like i'm tough) she then proceeded to get moody with me after giving me her digits. i was told that maybe i should think about riding my irresponsible riding in front of cars, or something like that. apparently it was tough to see me in my bright white and red jersey. i told her i obviously don't go out to get hit, she should be as glad as i am that she didn't kill me, and to remember that she did, in fact, hit me due to her negligent driving habits. i also dropped something about how my lawyer was going to be pissed to get another case at this time of the year. i'm not sure if there's any damage, but i hope she's not sleeping well. oh, shit, is that psychological terrorism?
I agree....CARBON110
Dec 21, 2002 5:44 AM
Here in Asheville, well let me put it like this. When the Gods created Ashevile, they said " we will have a perfct city, perfct in every way exceptone.... the drivers will be horrible and so it was! The onbly problem with the city ( 80k people is small ) is the drivers are maniacal! Not just bad, but REALLY bad. Althought its only dowtown for the mot part and of course the rednecks... o those rednecks.. those boys need an education and a dentist. It doesnt take more than 8 minutes to get anywhere from any part of the city to the opposite side of the city but people here insist on driving like morons. when I put my hand out for turning left ... people think its a sign to go around me. Everytime I see a cop at a gas station or parked someplace I beg them to hand out tickets on such and such street when the speedlimit is 35 and they are driving 65. Especially down by the track/velodrome where there are tons of cyclists but people never slow down.... and thats where I get the finger the most LOL! Lucky enough though once your immediatly out of the city traffic is great, and the parkway doesnt allow commercial traffic. Thank God the city sleeps until noon on weekends :) Be a hell of a place for some crit races, but we only hae one official downtown crit
i got hit yesterdayserbski
Dec 21, 2002 1:20 PM
Having had a very similar thing happen to me back in nov. I'm guessing that once the driver was over the initial shock of actually hitting a human with her car (SUV, perhaps?) and the resultant relief at having not killed you she is now, slowly but surely, building the case in her mind that it was *your* fault. Get your bike fixed and make sure you're OK physically (not in that order) because if you'd been unfortunate enough to rear-end her in your car you can bet she'd be contacting your insurance co. ASAP. She should be thanking her god that she didn't injure or kill you rather than feeling "put out" by the inconvenience of having hit you due to *her* careless driving. It took me a month to stop panicking/flinching at every intersection in which a car looked like it might turn left in front of me (one about finished me off and, boy, did I let the driver have it verbally when they pulled in to the Jack in the Box drive-thru). Accidents do sorta do a psychological number on cyclists, don't they?
i got hit yesterdayWoof the dog
Dec 21, 2002 2:29 PM
i want to hear about that verbal "let em have it" thing. Bring it all out. Its way too interesting to read stuff like that. Its almost addicting.

Woof the dog.
I let 'er have it....serbski
Dec 22, 2002 1:00 PM
verbally. Yup, I swung around hoping to catch the offending driver in the Jack in the Box and, lo and behold, there she was parking her Mercedes in a handicap space. Uh-oh, I may have to tread lightly here I thought (unless she was such a cretin that she was actually illegaly using the space only moments after nearly killing me but I could only *hope* for such an opportunity to unleash a deserved verbal salvo!). However, she was definitely using the space with reason as she had a some type of leg problem but, being one who fights fair, I avoided any mention of the fact that she very nearly provided me with unwanted, long-term access to a blue handicap placard. Instead I asked her if she makes it a habit to turn left without regard to oncoming traffic (namely ME) to which she answered "You came out of nowhere, you WEREN'T there!" which was sheer nonsense as I was coming down a gentle grade and could be seen for blocks. She was utterly unrepentant and rude so I asked her if she was suggesting that I had possibly come from another dimension and had simply *appeared* right in front of her bumper (think Vonnegut's "Slaughterhouse Five" here) to which she answered "Well, maybe you *did*". I was a bit dumbfounded by her response so I told her that I had no intention of leaving *this* dimension any sooner than necessary and certainly not as the result of some ignorant driver's actions. "Ma'am, you're going to kill someone one of these days if you're not more careful" I added for dramatic effect as she rushed into the J in the Box (I doubt that "Jack" would've been as nice to her had she about killed him). No cursing or insults, but man, I was shaking with anger. If I didn't have another large chunk to ride, I would've found the nearest old-man, we-open-at-7a.m.-bar and had a shot to calm my nerves. I was left with that sick to the stomach feeling that seems to follow such an incident. I don't know if I *really* let her have it but it was the best I could muster under the circumstances. Anyone got any good ones to add?
you should see a lawyer to get her off the road or changeteamsloppy
Dec 22, 2002 2:43 AM
I think that out of idealism for other cyclist you should contact an injury lawyer. They will talk for free (or one of their paralegals). They should take the case on contingency (no cost to you) if they think they can win. You should do this to get this bad driver off the road or motivate them to change.

S. U. C. (Socially UN Correct) - Does anyone else notice there is evidence that "women drivers are road terrorist" found in recent injury reports on this forum? What's the deal there? I have been suffering to not notice this. I suspect it might be true.
Drivers get (more?) frantic near holidaysTig
Dec 21, 2002 2:13 PM
We see it just before and during every big holiday. The holiday tension and stress combined with the need to get somewhere RIGHT FRIGGIN' NOW SO EVERYONE GET OUTA' MY WAY makes for a dangerous mixture. It gets compounded by all the other drivers going nuts, like a pyramid of dominoes. Sometimes you'll see a lesser version of it on a Friday afternoon. That's why I never ride on Friday afternoons.