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Opinions on the Surly Pacer?(5 posts)

Opinions on the Surly Pacer?unclefuzzy_ss
Dec 20, 2002 9:36 AM
Having looked up and down for a review of one of these frames, I can't seem to find anything. I suspect that it won't be anything remarkable, more likely just a nice solid ride, like many of thier other offerings. The reason I'm after this bike is that it'll be primarily used for utility purposes and a winter bike. It sertainly doesn't hurt that they're quite affordable.

SO! Has anyone put anytime on one yet? Tell me what it was like ride-wise and how you've got it set up. Thanks much!

Surly X Check as winter beatermass_biker
Dec 20, 2002 9:57 AM
Going on 3 seasons now. Bar-ends, full fenders, etc. etc. Heavy as a pig but a great bike in the mucky stuff. Don't know about the Pacer but if it is anything like their other offerings (Steamroller, CrossCheck), I am sure it will get the job done and for cheap, too.

re: Opinions on the Surly Pacer?JS Haiku Shop
Dec 20, 2002 10:49 AM
pacer is so new that you might be hard pressed to find anything about it.

I have a steamroller (ss) and a cross-check at home, one from last year and one from this year, i guess both the 2001 year model (or earlier). have had zero problems, aside from the small seat tube decals peeling off, and have been 100% satisfied with both.

the cross check has seen the most mileage. it's built with ultegra 9, open pros, xt rear derailleur and 12x32 cassette, and the rest from's "ultegra cross kit". both bikes were purchased from excel. i've ridden the cross check on multiple centuries in the last 6 months, including the 6-gap (10,700 feet of elevation gain), then changed the tires for knobbies and have been racing it in the local 'cross series for the last couple weeks. it's the swiss army knife or topeak alien of the bike world. :)

here are a few links you might enjoy re: the pacer, and you might consider contacting these folks by e-mail. in the third one, the guy compares the pacer to some mighty fine bikes.

if you get the pacer or another surly bike, let us know what you think.

re: ? about Surely from JS Haiku shoppa rider
Dec 20, 2002 5:51 PM
Easy question JS. I'm looking at building a cross bike next winter season, but want to use the bike as a touring bike also.

Did you put racks on your Cross check Surely bike? Wasn't sure if the only rack you can have is the rear and can only hold 20 lbs. Trek wants $599 for their X0 frame fork bike and they told me the bike didn't have rear stay rack mounts. So I assume all cross bikes are built this way.

I was looking at the Surely from Excelsports because it was cheaper. When you got your bikes from excelsport did it need a lot of adjustments before riding? I nevered order a bike from internet and wonder how excelsports sold their bikes.

re: ? about Surely from JS Haiku shopJS Haiku Shop
Dec 23, 2002 5:48 AM
you need to know what fits--geometry and size--before buying via internet. otherwise it's a shot in the dark.

no racks yet, but i assume the front & rear fender braze-ons would also support racks.

drop the "e", btw, in "surly".