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My close call .... long boring story.....(work is quite)...(8 posts)

My close call .... long boring story.....(work is quite)...african
Dec 20, 2002 9:32 AM
On a ride a few weeks ago about a 15 or more riders all in a straight line. Holding about 25 with a slight head/cross wind. All is cool, I am hanging about 7 in line and several inches to a yard behind the wheel in front of me. Not wanting to get too close as I don't know the guy in front of me and he yelled at me once on a ride, and he does not wear a helmet.

Cruising along and then "BAM" all hell breaks loose. You know the sound of bikes and rider falling, In a nano second I see about 4 bikes in front of me go down, 2 fall left and 2 fall right. Luckily no cars were passing us. I think thats it I am going down, I hit the bike of the guy infront of me and actually ride over it catching some air time. Yes my brand new colnago dream plus with less than 200 miles and I are in the air. I fly out of the seat, my looks unclip themselves, how I don't know, I think it is from the impact, I land with my thigh on the seat and the bike wobbling all over. I correct the bike and start braking, I ride on to the side walk to get out of the way. Several riders were infront of the crash and missed it. 4 went down hard and some others behind had a light spill. How I missed hitting the people that fell is just luck. How I did not fall is part luck part skill, any skill you have helps. 2 Weeks before this I had been riding my mountain bike for 3 weeks, my drivers licence had expired. I had been jerking around on the mountain bike ramping, skiding goofing off like a kid, maybe that helped.

Anyway the guy with no helmet in front of me, yes, he hits his head, nice dent in the noggin and some blood loss. He is ok and gets treated on the scene by the Para meds. 2 others don't know how they are but looked like the girl busted a shoulder (hope you are ok, and if you read this you are a hottie) and the other dude was laid out getting medical attention(hope he is ok).

Bike is fine. That night I find a cut on my ankle, nothing serious but just strange to find damage after the fact. I just hate that sound of bike and rider going down.

End of boring story.
re: My close call .... long boring story.....(work is quite)...Fez
Dec 20, 2002 9:43 AM
Glad to hear at the end of your boring story that you are OK


And I hope the guy with no helmet got a wakeup call and starts wearing one. He was lucky too.
Dec 20, 2002 9:48 AM
Find out who the girl is, take her some flowers!
Dec 20, 2002 9:55 AM
That might be the best suggestion I have ever heard on this site! I will remember that one!
Yes! Maybe put them in a water bottle (nm)Gregory Taylor
Dec 20, 2002 10:15 AM
Where were you riding?jromack
Dec 20, 2002 10:27 AM
South Pinellas?

Take a good look at the joints on your Dream just to make sure.
Where were you riding?african
Dec 20, 2002 10:42 AM
That would be affirmative over.....

The dream looks great rides great, I had a full inspection and only saw some funny color stuff on the tire, must be where it hit something, I think the bike ramped up the back wheel area of the other bike.
Suggestion #2pjv
Dec 20, 2002 10:28 AM
On all of our rides (except recovery rides), we refuse to go until everyone has a helmet.