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Shimano 540 vs Ultegra open pro(7 posts)

Shimano 540 vs Ultegra open projdhour
Dec 19, 2002 6:58 PM
I am spec'ing a new bike and my choice of wheel sets is the new shimano 540's or wheelsmith built ultegra open pros for $100.00 less. I am looking for a good all around wheel, as this will be the only set I can afford. I value durability. I weigh 190. I have no personal experience with either set, or any quality set for that matter.

Thanks for any help.
re: Shimano 540 vs Ultegra open prosacheson
Dec 20, 2002 5:33 AM
IMO If you're looking for an all around performing wheel that will act as your primary or only pair of wheels, get the most conventional, maintainable wheels you can find. If you are planning to buy some trendy, cool wheels in the future, add some factory hoops to your collection.
Ultegra Open Prosmass_biker
Dec 20, 2002 5:51 AM
No brainer here. First, Open Pros are some of the nicest clincher rims you can get. Light, durable, easy to build up. A few years ago, Mavic anodized them red, laced them to some fancy hubs, called them Heliums and sold them for 6 bills. Go figure. Ultegra hubs are nice and solid and last for ages. Built up by a decent wheelbuilder who knows how to get tension right and specs the wheel for your size etc., a wheelset like this will last for a long, long time and be plenty competitive. I finally killed a set of Ultegra/Open Pros after almost 4 years - probably something like 20K miles on this set - and this is through snow, ice, salt on the roads, offroading, racing, training etc. Now that the rim is finally shot, I can cut out the spokes, through away the rim, and relace the trusty Ultegra hub to another Open Pro. Besides, Ultegras with DB spokes laced to Open Pros will probably weigh less, accelerate better, and be able to be serviced more readily than Shimano 540s.

re: Another vote for the opensteoteoteo
Dec 20, 2002 6:00 AM
540's are nice but take the Opens. They are a better wheelset to use for all around stuff. Durable and servicable too. Save some dollars later for a fancy wheelset. I have not weighed both head to head but the 540's seemed a bit chunky.
re: Shimano 540 vs Ultegra open promotta
Dec 20, 2002 6:03 AM
Wheelsmith builds excellent wheels. I have a set of three year old Ult/Opens used for cross that are in great shape and have never had the bearings re-packed. Spend some of the extra money saved on really nice tires.
re: Shimano 540 vs Ultegra open proPEDDLEFOOT
Dec 20, 2002 6:41 AM
My Open Pro/Ultegra wheels have given me over 7000 miles without being trued or needing to.They are solid and dependable.I haven't heard of any complaints on this combination yet.You can't go wrong in choosing these.As the previous reply said save the money and get a nice set of tires.You won't beat the ride even at twice the price.
The answer is clear.jdhour
Dec 20, 2002 5:35 PM
As a newbie it is easy to get seduced by the looks of the boutique wheels. I'll take the reliability and solid performance of the Open Pro/Ultegras. Thanks for the good advice.