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Looking to buy a road bike...(11 posts)

Looking to buy a road bike...peterjh9
Dec 19, 2002 1:14 PM
I am a mountian biker by nature, but like riding the road for excercise and some training as well. Was riding my mountain bike last year on the road, and loved the results. I did not like wearing out the MB components so quickly, and it sure was burly to ride.

So, I am looking to purchase a leftover 2002 entry level beginner's road bike. I know a $2000 bike would be nice, but I don't have $2000, and if I did, most of that would be put towards a new mountain bike rig. I have a budget of about $400 to spend (at most). I was checking out the 2002 Trek 1000 and 2002 Giant OCR3. Both retailed for about $500, so maybe a leftover at $400 is reasonable. I reviewed the spec's on each, and based on compnents alone (fit will be the determining factor), it looks like the Giant gives a little more bike for the money. Better brakes, and better crankset (I think). Trek might have a better rear D.

So anywho, I look for your advice for which has a better lineup.

ALso, for suggestions of other bikes that could fall within my price range that I am in.

Thank you so much

OK, now I understand...peterjh9
Dec 19, 2002 5:27 PM
Why my post went unanswered. Road bikes are expensive!!! Much more so in comparison to mountain bikes it seems. $400 can get you a servicable MB, not a roadie though.

So I went to two stores. The first tried to recommend a Bianchi Eros. Real nice, but really like $1000. Too much.

Second shop recommended first a Giant OCR2. $900. Too much.
Then showed me a 2001 Univega Modo Vivere. Sat me on a 59 inch, and rode it around. Seemed pretty nice. Campy parts, and a steel frame. Stell seems like a good idea, as opposed to a harsh aluminum ride. They were charging $699. Didn't this bike first retial for $699? If so, that does not seem right. A 2 year old bike should be discounted. I was thinking of offering maybe $500 tops. What do yo think of this bike???

Thanks all

PS...Does Univega have a webiste in English?
Dec 19, 2002 7:52 PM
for that amount to spend, you almost have to go used; I'd start with the ads here, then ebay.

Dec 20, 2002 5:55 AM
I see entry level bikes for around $400-$500 in the magazines. I should surely be able to find one somewhere, and where the sales person does not try to push an $1100 bike on me :-)
agree with Dougtarwheel
Dec 20, 2002 6:56 AM
You'll get much more bang for you buck buying used. The main problem with used (assuming all the parts are in good shape) is that you will probably have to spend some additional money on parts like a stem, new chain and cassette, etc. You can get some outstanding bargains on quality road bikes, in particular, if you get one with downtube shifters or 8-speed index. EBay is another place to shop, but be cautious.
re: Looking to buy a road bike...oui19
Dec 20, 2002 1:22 AM
What size........where are you located? I may have some options for you. Check out Giant 2003 OCR 3. Don't worry about what it retails for just let me know what you think. You can always upgrade parts as needed. If you want to build a bike, I know this gets to be more money, however.....I have a PRO issue Sano custom built for Jonas Carney of Prime Alliance. This has a Reynolds ouzo pro fork, king headset, ultegra bottom bracket, Forte stem, Forte bars, and an XT seat post (I know that is a mountain part, but what the heck) It is yours for 400.00 plus shipping. The frame alone retails for 1600.00+ I have attached a photo, hopefully it is viewable.
re: Looking to buy a road bike...peterjh9
Dec 20, 2002 5:53 AM
I am located in NJ.

I wanted to look at the OCR3, but nobody had it in stock. THe OCR2 was one of the cheaper ones, but still more than I want to spend. The OCR3 is probably around the range I am looking for. But I cannot find one.

Hence me looking at the Univega. Still does not seem right charging the original price for a 2 year old bike, so maybe I can negotiate this down.

THe guy said a 59 for me. I am 6'1", with a 34 inseam and ride a 21 inch mountain bike.

Again, this is just for excercise. No racing, no competing. Just riding to keep in shape for the trails.

I wonder if it's the same shop ...HouseMoney
Dec 20, 2002 7:24 AM
where I bought my bike. They had an '01 Univega Modo Vincere (not the Vivere) in a 59 that I almost bought. I looked at the reviews and also noticed that their price was a little higher for a 2-year-old leftover than I would've thought. This shop also carries Giant, Raleigh, & Cannondale. Univega is no more. They were absorbed by Raleigh.

Like you, I'm about 6' tall w/ about a 34" inseam (and primarily a mtn biker),and I felt the Univega fit me well. It has the same top tube length as the 58 C'dale frame I bought from this shop, building it with Campy Centaur. (I preferred the Campy components on the Univega over Shimano, which is why I didn't buy a complete C'dale off the rack.) I've actually thought about going back to this shop and buying the Univega to use as a beater/winter bike if they did something with the price.

If you're in central Jersey, I know another shop in the area that might still have a leftover '02 Bianchi Imola (Shimano 105) for around $900. I liked this one, too, but opted for the 'dale.
The store...peterjh9
Dec 20, 2002 7:37 AM
Was Whippany Cycles on Route 10. I like this shop quite a bit. Had some work donw there beforehand, and much prefer it to the larger shop over on 46. I live in Parsippany.

Much more small shop atmosphere.

I am unsure whether I wanna spend this kind of money on a bike made by a firm no longer making bikes. Is Raleigh covering the warrenty of Univega's??? This is all mute unless they come down on the price, a lot. Retail for a 2 year old bike would not fly. $500 maybe, $700 nope.

I apreciate all your help
The store...HouseMoney
Dec 20, 2002 8:43 AM
Different shop after all. I was thinking of one in Hunterdon County. Yeah, Cycle Craft on 46 is rather large ... and pricy on a few things I've looked at.

I asked the same question about Univega's warranty here a few weeks back when I was considering the Univega. From what I understand (and this was confirmed by the bike shop), Raleigh will honor the warranty. I forget what they're called (Signature?), but Raleigh has a line of steel bikes that are descendants of Univega.

The Vivere was one lower in Univega's line than the Vincere. Based on the reviews, some people bought the Vincere in the past year for around $600-650, so I'd expect to get the Vivere for even less. I was almost going to print the reviews and bring them into the shop as a negotiating tool, but I picked something other than the Univega.

Good Luck.
re: Looking to buy a road bike...oui19
Dec 20, 2002 8:28 PM
I may have what you need........please contact me