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Help with Sidi's and Time Cleats?!?(3 posts)

Help with Sidi's and Time Cleats?!?kushogun
Dec 19, 2002 6:50 AM
Hello everyone. Having some trouble with short screws and was wondering if anyone could help. Right now i've got a set of the Sidi Genius 4 and mated to them are a pair of the Time Impact Mag pedal. Well the cleat has a Look sole adapter on it, once coupled with the plastic insert on the Sidi sole, this spells trouble for the (Time) supplied bolts. The bolts supplied with the Sidi shoes work ok, but the fact that the head of the screw is round versus flat causes an imperfect engagement of the cleat to the platform of the pedal. The convex head of the screw in effect pushes the cleat up off the platform ever so slightly. What I need is a flat headed screw similar to those provided with the pedals from Time so the cleat lays flush with the pedal platform. However I need them longer (than Time) as half of them ended up falling out on my last ride because the threads were barely attatched. Anyone with any clue where I can find longer flat headed screws that will help out with this problem? Just a hardware store? Please included diameters and lengths if you have any experience with dealing with this problem. Thanks for the advice. I understand that I can buy a long screw and just trim the length to fit. I just don't know the diameter, nor if there's a great deal of differences with the threads themselves.
Funny you mention this, I have the same problempmf1
Dec 19, 2002 7:14 AM
On Tuesday night, I installed some Time ATAC cleats in a pair of Sidi Storm shoes. For a reference point, I compared the cleat position to the ATAC cleats in my Carnac shoes. The cleats unstalled fine in the Sidi shoes. Then I noticed the ones in my Carnacs were really worn. One was even broken on the corner. So I decide to replace them as well. Uh-oh ... the screws in the new cleats are way too short. The screws in the existing cleats are trashed (I barely got them out -- hex heads pretty stripped). So what to do?

I'm thinking about going to a local hardware store to see what I can find. Forget the chains like Home Depot or Lowes, these places don't bother with odd sized screws.

Anyone got other ideas?
re: Help with Sidi's and Time Cleats?!?pina
Dec 19, 2002 8:26 PM
I had a similar problem with a pair of Sidi's and Time Equipe pedals. I wanted to use the metal, not plastic cleat on the front and they require different length screws. The screws for the plastic front cleat were too long and didn't have a flat head and they wore on the pedal itself. I had to either go to hardware store or switch to the plastic cleat because the screw came with the plastic cleat.