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info wanted on GT Edge(2 posts)

info wanted on GT EdgeKellyCross
Dec 17, 2002 6:44 PM
just picked up a older Edge all fillet brazed w/ 8spd Dura Ace, guessing around 96'-98' maybe, anyone ridden one of these? any info on it would be great. remember seeing this in an old mag & always wanted one, frame is beautiful & almost immaculate. will post pics.
also heard these were the frames that postal or the national team rode is that correct?
Here we go into the wayback machine.MB1
Dec 18, 2002 9:14 AM
GT made almost all the Edge frames in house.

The Edge Aluminum frames available for retail use were always made in Santa Ana in a production style-usually in batches of 40.

The Edge Titanium frames were the only frames that were sometimes made elsewhere. The first ones were made by Sandvik in Portland. Production was started up in Santa Ana but it interferred with the Aluminum production so it was moved to a new facility in Longmont Colorado.

The Edge Chromoly that you have was made in Longmont in a small production facility that GT also used for prototypes and race team frames. For a while the US National Team was sponsored by True Temper and rode steel frames (and likely a few Al and Ti frames decaled to look like the steel frames).

I have plenty of miles on all three Edges. I liked the cromoly best however if I were to choose one to race on it would be the Aluminum.

One of the biking magazines got their hands on all three (liked them a lot-but GT was a big advertiser so who really trusts mag reviews) and decided that there wasn't much to choose between them except that the steel frame and fork were by far the best for decending.

It is a sweet frame made by some guys who really cared about bikes, I envy you.