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5 days until the days get longer. Meanwhile, though. . .(4 posts)

5 days until the days get longer. Meanwhile, though. . .cory
Dec 17, 2002 11:38 AM
Only FIVE MORE DAYS until the days start getting longer. In a month, it won't be dark when I get off work.
Meanwhile, though, I'm looking for a lowish-priced headlight for occasional use. Doesn't have to be a flamethrower, because I'm usually able to ride during the day and I live where traffic isn't much of a problem. But if anyone has a suggestion in the far-as-possible-under-$100 range, I'd appreciate it.
re: 5 days until the days get longer. Meanwhile, though. . .pmf1
Dec 17, 2002 11:43 AM
Doug Sloan reports good luck with Cygolights sold by Performance. The most expensive one is $100.

Once my current Niterider goes, I'm tempted to get one. Price is right and I ride on a bike path when its dark. Niterider lights are getting ridiculously expensive
Dec 17, 2002 12:32 PM
I bought a new Cygolite system for about $60 from REI last fall, and I think Performance has them now for about the same price. There are better systems out there, but not for the price. It's got 6/10/16 W for power and dual lights (which is actually a disadvantage, to me, because it takes up more handlebar space), with run time up to 6 hours. It's got a NiCad battery, so it's a little heavier than the NiMH systems. The cheapest NiMH system I've seen is the Planet Bike, which some places have sold for about $110. It's lighter and smaller than the Cygolite, with a little shorter run times, but the batteries charge much quicker. I ended up buying the Cygolite because Planet Bike systems were out of stock when I needed a light last fall, and the Cygolites got very high reviews for reliability and performance at RBR and MTBReview.
Performance ViewPoint lightsKEN2
Dec 17, 2002 1:13 PM
I prefer the Performance Viewpoint lights, made by Marwi. They produce a significantly brighter, whiter light than the Cygolight, which is very yellow and doesn't seem to light up the road nearly as well. There's a last year's single beam model on sale now @ $90: