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Alternative winter training(3 posts)

Alternative winter trainingEager Beagle
Dec 17, 2002 8:20 AM
I want to know what "unlawfully interferring with a car is" - brings a hedious image to mind......

Car thief banned from cycling
A convicted car thief has been banned from riding bicycles so he can't pedal
around looking for vehicles to steal.
The three-year ban was imposed as part of an anti-social behaviour order on
23-year-old Danil Wilson at Manchester Magistrates' Court.
District Judge Peter Ward said Wilson had been using bikes to cycle close to
cars with a view to stealing them.
Last May Wilson, of Hardcastle Avenue, Chorlton, Manchester, pleaded guilty
to unlawfully interfering with a car in Manchester and was jailed for seven
days. Three years ago he was fined £20 for damaging a car window.
The executive member for housing on Manchester City Council, Councillor
Basil Curley, said: "This shows how flexible we can be in the use of
anti-social behaviour orders.
"Wilson is someone who acts alone, rather than in a gang, but his activities
were anti-social in that they threatened criminal activity which has already
brought him into contact with the police and the courts.
"He now knows that the slightest breach of his order will trigger further
court action - he is playing with his liberty if he so much as mounts a bike
and turns a wheel."
The order bans Wilson from riding his bike anywhere in Manchester. He is
also banned from two large suburban areas of Didsbury and Chorlton except in
the company of his mother or sister.
Beagle this is funny.eyebob
Dec 17, 2002 12:20 PM
My American brain almost automatically pictures Monty Python doing some sort of skit on this like the famous bicycle repairman skit. But on a serious note, what if he wants to become (or is) a bike mechanic? Are they not putting up obsticles for his future employment options?

Glad you seeEager Beagle
Dec 18, 2002 7:37 AM
the humour in it too. I like the bit about the sister and granny.

You could be right about the job - but good. Cycle shops are going down the pan here fast - the big stores are getting the market like they are for groceries. Most LBS are therfore run either by idiots, or old guys. It's really hard to find a good shop with quality stuff, realy spares, and good service. I doubt that he would have a lot of offer to the cycling world as a wrench/shop owner that would improve the situation.

Mebbe I am being a little uncharitable, but there you go.

On another point, mebbe if I ride more with aged relatives, I will feel stronger and better? Christamas might be exactly the time to find out :-)