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Jowan - so what will you get to replace your EV2?(9 posts)

Jowan - so what will you get to replace your EV2?Iwannapodiumgirl
Dec 16, 2002 3:36 PM
re: Jowan - so what will you get to replace your EV2?Jowan
Dec 17, 2002 3:39 AM
Brought the frame to my LBS yesterday. I made it clear to my LBS that I am very hesitent towards a 3th Bianchi and would prefer another brand. Fortunately my LBS is willing to take in any Bianchi replacement frame and offer me a good deal on another bike. So, always keep a good relationship with your LBS.

Right now I've got my eyes set on a Colnago Dream Plus. Yes, its again an aluminium bike but got some great reviews on this site and probably more durable.

Just curious, what's your opinion on the ride of the EV2. I liked it very much, especially in climbs. It was a graet help this year on the Mont Ventoux.


my 2cents...Iwannapodiumgirl
Dec 17, 2002 2:11 PM

I love the geometery of the EV2. Also, as you know, it is light and nimble, climbs like a mountain goat and descends like a disgraced Politican.

I checked the bike last night, and everything crossed, so far so good.

If I was in need of another frame, I would consider another Bianchi, maybe their new carbon. I guess a light frame will have a limited life? However I am tempted by both the De Rosa King and De Rosa Planet. (I guess I have grown accustom to a sloping frame!)
my 2cents...Jowan
Dec 18, 2002 11:17 AM
Geometry on the Bianchi's is very nice. Done a lot of riding in the Pyrenees and Alpes in France, the light weight of the bike sure helps you uphill, even only as a moral booster, and I never had any problem while decending. Corners very well also.

I have givven the carbon some consideration, but as it is a monocoque frame it only comes in a few sizes (a mould is very expencive). Alas, they dont offer my size. A'm very keen on the right sizing, my first Bianchi was a 56cm frame, my 2nd a 57 which fitted me much better.

Don't care for the sloping that much, optically I prefer the classic frames.


keep us (me) informed...Iwannapodiumgirl
Dec 18, 2002 3:18 PM
I will continue to check my frame. Let us know what you end up buying.
Dec 20, 2002 1:58 PM
I will keep you informed. It will probably be a Colnago Dream Plus. I decided not to go for the B-stay version. See thread above on that subject. Hardly seems worth the large amount of extra money. Gave the C-40 some thouhts as well, but I think there should be something left to wich for.

I'll post a pic of my bike when I've got it, but that will take probably about 2 months. To give you an idea, it will be the Dream plus in a sort of metallic blue, black fork, Ultegra groupset, ITM millenium and Mavic Ksuriums.

Good riding,

how about that C40?DougSloan
Dec 20, 2002 3:48 PM
Getting rid of one of those, too! :-)

sure you don't want another one?DougSloan
Dec 18, 2002 3:22 PM

Size 55. Make you a deal, as there is a paint blemish on the tt.

Tempting drugJowan
Dec 20, 2002 1:52 PM
Hi Doug,

Sure Celeste is a drug hard to get rid of, but I have to stand firm in this one. Not that I hate Bianchi, but the new frame's they build are a tad to light in my opinion.

Still love Italian bikes, and in a way it seems the proper thing to give Colnago a trie this time. (and De Rosa for my 4th, Pinarello for my 5th etc).