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to C-40mainframe
Dec 16, 2002 12:40 PM
Kindly refer back to post Dec. 14, 9:34a.
response with your text....C-40
Dec 16, 2002 2:51 PM
Just so everyone won't feel left out, here's your text, mainframe:

"Incidentally, I built up the Look this past week using some parts from the Lemond and others new. The redux results the following: Seat top to TT reduced from 19.4cm to alittle over 17cm. Went from a Thomson 80 x 120 to a Thomson +5 x 130 which eliminated my 1" of spacers but reduced drop from 3.75" to 2.25". You may recall frames are 55cm. On my maiden ride yesterday, even given these seeming curious dimensional results, the bike felt the same. Having been blindfolded, I doubt I could have discerned much as regards fit and geometry. Pedal/leg relation remains as before and elbow and knee the same as well. Rode hard with no pain right out of the box. Lingering question is should more drop be re-introduced by way of another stem (ITM adjustable?) I would have thought loosing 1.5" of drop would be very noticeable, not so. Reach seems about the same. Comments? I'll leave the comparison of steel vs. carbon for another discussion."

I'm a touch confused. How did you reduce the saddle height above the top tube, unless the new LOOK frame is 2cm larger? Both Lemond and LOOK measure center to center.

As for the stem height change, moving the bars up 1.5" is not likely to produce an objectionable feel. Dropping the bars this much probably would, if you weren't use to it. I think you should use any height that you're comfortable with. Lower bars will give you a more aerodynamic profile if it matters to you.

Did you carefully check KOP position to be sure that you didn't make unintentional changes to the reach?
response with your text....mainframe
Dec 17, 2002 6:11 AM
Yea, I'm alittle surprised myself. The LBS did the swap-over and thus the only thing left to conclude is that the seat has been lowered relative the BB, although the mechanic stated otherwise. A standover test seemed to show the Look very slightly less tall at the TT. Both frames are indeed 55cm c-c and if set up the same, should have retained distance from saddle top to TT, correct? I did notice on this morning's (cold as hell ride)that the middle of my thighs lightly brushed my abdomen when in the drops, more so than I recall with the Lemond. Even given the STA change, should the seat height have changed? Same crank length, shoes, pedals, etc. are in play.
should not have changed...C-40
Dec 17, 2002 8:43 AM
The saddle height should not have changed, except for some very small amount, if the diameter of the top tubes is different. You should have measured the saddle height carefully before the swap was done.
should not have changed...mainframe
Dec 17, 2002 10:17 AM
Kinda what I thought as well. I did indeed take careful measure, and had to myself reasoned, as you suggested, the only possible reason for saddle height change would be if there was a difference in TT diameter. And, as we both know, that amount will be very small it if were at all. Guess I'll return the seat to the Lemond measurement and see how it feels. Thanks as always for your comments.