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Methoxy Pro - does anyone use it?(3 posts)

Methoxy Pro - does anyone use it?No_sprint
Dec 16, 2002 10:46 AM
I haven't looked through the ingredients, is there anything UCI illegal in it? Since even caffeine is on the list, I'd assume there is something UCI illegal in it. I've heard good things about it.
Dec 16, 2002 11:20 AM
for a supplement, it's ok. don't know if it's UCI legal, though.

use to use it in my heavy lifting days. i've looked at several articles and websites about it. the powder consists basically of, protein, methoxy, and VERY LITTLE creatine.

methoxy (aka methoxy-isoproflavalone, or something like that) claims to help endurance athletes retain muscle protein and aids in muscle build. i could give you more details from articles i read

i know your probably into a period of supplement craze. i was too, but after the research time and $ 100s of dollars spent . . . i dropped the habit and stuck to good old home cooking. fun to cook and tastes better

bodybuilders use this kinda stuff all the time. for a while i think it's ok to do a cycle. but what turned me off was the fact that it wasn't natural. sure, you might get the right amount of certain amino acids. but you can get sufficient amounts from healthy meats, breads, . . . there are even proteins in veges. powders often have artificial sweetners (even at those small amounts) that some people believe are unhealthy.

so, how much $$ is it now? something like $30 for a week?

i say save your money for a colnago.
Thanks for your commentsNo_sprint
Dec 16, 2002 11:37 AM
Creatine huh? I didn't see it listed in my quick look at it. I lift 3 taw hard. I'm not into any sort of supplement craze. I always have some can of protein shake around. For the past years it's been Met-RX mostly. I'm out now and looking to replace it with another. I've heard some good things about Methoxy Pro and wanted to run it by the people here. I typically make 2 a week when I'm at the gym late and don't want a dinner when I arrive home. About $30/can, std. procedure. 15-20 servings or so. Colnagos don't set up well for me geometrically. Oh well. Sachs and Parlee do!