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Home wrenches...Share your best Tips...(5 posts)

Home wrenches...Share your best Tips...biknben
Dec 16, 2002 6:31 AM
The post about tool kits got me thinking. How many of you home wrenches have unique ideas for home repairs that you are keeping to yourself.

My first spat of home wrenching was at age 13 or 14. I got a new bike so I decided I would strip down my old POS for the heck of it. Other than changing a flat or tweaking a der. I had never busted out the tools. Lets just say it's a good thing I had a new bike to ride. The POS never regained consciousness.

Since then, I've continued to wrench and pick up some ideas along the way.

1. The Park headset installation tool is way too expensive. A trip to home depot supplied a comparable alternative. A long threaded rod, two bolts, and a few wide washers does the job too. Less than $5 spent.

2. Crazy glue on cable ends before installing the end cap. That cable won't fray now, damn it. The end cap won't come off either. Now, if I could just keep the glue bottle from drying up.

3. A spot of tape where cable housing rubs against the frame. No more unsightly scuffing of paint. Electrical tape comes in colors too.

4. Find embedded glass in your tire? Don't try to pick it out with a sharp tool. Deflate tire and pinch it on either side of the object. It will be much easier to remove.

Who else has some tips worth sharing?
re: Glueless patch where cable housing rubs against frame.dzrider
Dec 16, 2002 6:59 AM
It's pretty close to invisible and lasts a long damned time.

Strips cut from tyvek race numbers for booting cut tires.

A ratchet handle and hex key sockets are very handy for stems, seat clamps and anything that wants a lot of torque.
hex wrench kitTig
Dec 16, 2002 8:22 AM
I like T-handle hex wrenches, but couldn't aford the $37+ price tag at the moment. Home Depot has this nice $10 alternative from Husky. You'll get all the metric sizes you'll even need and more. The only limit is that you can use the handle on one wrench at a time.
re: Home wrenches...Share your best Tips...Alpedhuez55
Dec 16, 2002 9:18 AM
AutoZone, the auto parts store has a couple of pretty good lines of tools as well. They are cheap, $6.00 for a good quality ball end hex wrench set. Everything also has a lifetime guarantee. They also have some good screw drivers and open end wrenches.

Sears Craftman tools are still the best for the money. You bring in a broken wrench and they pretty much give you a new one, no questions asked. Great Customer service. I was even in a sears last month and the Ramones were playing on the PA.

As for tips, I have found it easier to set the limits on a derailer before installying the chain. It makes it a little easier to fine tune it once it is on the bike. Also the fourth hand tool (Cable Puller) makes front deraileur adjustment simple.I always had trouble getting just the right tension on the cable. That tool makes it allmost fool-proof.

Mike Y.
Put your Crazy glue in the 'fridge...HAL9010
Dec 16, 2002 10:59 AM a plastic bag. And keep it dry.

Tape tooth picks to the seat stays pointing at the rims to use as indicators for truing your rear wheel.