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Quick Poll: Whose Autograph Do You Have?(22 posts)

Quick Poll: Whose Autograph Do You Have?jose_Tex_mex
Dec 15, 2002 8:20 PM
Just wondering if I am the only geek on this board who likes to get an autograph now and then. Here's my collection:

Greg LeMond - frameset and fork (his first steel ten speed drive import model)

Armstrong, Hincappie, and Julich - Tour Du Pont flyer (I think)

Davis Phinney and Phil Anderson - helmet.

Whatcha got?
re: Quick Poll: Whose Autograph Do You Have?Lazywriter
Dec 15, 2002 9:03 PM
This poster is out of print and very rare. It recently went for over $150 unsigned on Ebay. I am curious what it would fetch with it signed. I will never sell it because I think it is by far the best Lance action poster and the most meaningful in many ways.
Try thisPescador
Dec 15, 2002 9:09 PM
Try wiping the spooge stains off before you take another picture of your poster.
Try thisLazywriter
Dec 15, 2002 10:26 PM
That is what I tell your wife before she reapplies her makeup after our mid-day rendezvous. :)
Dec 16, 2002 5:26 AM
hey Lazy ..... (off topic) Do you have a small penis?Spirito
Dec 16, 2002 7:45 AM
... or

Do you just act that way?

hey Lazy ..... (off topic) Do you have a small penis?Lazywriter
Dec 16, 2002 8:29 AM
Oh how witty. Seriously, don't bother with you lame and corny insults. I know you think you are some comedic genius around here when everyone blows smoke up your a$$ about how clever some of your posts are when in reality they are trite and predictable.
As far as my penis is concerned that is subjective. I think I am large at 6 inches. (In circumference that is) :)
hey Lazy ..... (off topic) Do you have a small penis?Spirito
Dec 16, 2002 8:53 AM
HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you too ;-)

Lazy has his own autograph, on the palm of his hand! nmgogene
Dec 15, 2002 9:40 PM
re: Quick Poll: Whose Autograph Do You Have?Chud
Dec 15, 2002 9:35 PM
When DuPont came through my neck of the woods, Asheville NC, I couldn't resist having all the guys I could find sign my shop t-shirt. Among the signatures, Abdujaparov, Raul Alcala, Malcolm Elliott, Trent Klasna, Jeff Pierce, Edwig Van Hoydonk, George Hincapie, and most notably, Greg LeMond and Lance Armstrong both on the same shirt. Unfortunately, the shirt is fading and losing the pigment of the autographs, but hey, what a great memory!
David Attenborough, a couple of Tuskegee Airmen ...Humma Hah
Dec 16, 2002 6:20 AM
...a science fiction author or two.

No athletes.
Lance Armstrong's on my USPS cycling cap.Sintesi
Dec 16, 2002 6:22 AM
The CBS morning show is shot in my building so when I caught word that he was going to be on (post TdF '03) I camped out for 30 minutes to see if I could catch him. He comes out and a Lance geek jumps up and smothers him with memorabelia to sign, "sign the book, sign my shirt, sign my magazine..." Greedy simpleton. Any rate, LA signs two things the guy shoves something else in his face (I swear, he expected LA to sigh like 6 or seven doodads) and he lets out na irritated sigh and says, "enough." and B-lines for his SUV. NOOooooo!

I rush ahead and said, "Please, one more I'm a fan from way back, please?" Roll of eyes "Alright let me see it." I hand him my cap and a big ol' huckabuck black marker (only thing I could find) he gives me a look that says, "You must be joking." and gives a quick half-assed attempt at signing my cap and hands it back and away he goes.

My brush with greatness and my first autograph since i was a kid and Lyle Alzado played for the Denver Broncos.
Hank Aaron on a baseballPaulCL
Dec 16, 2002 6:47 AM
Baseballs: Hank Aaron, Joe Nuxhall on a Crosley Field memorabilia ball, Tom Browning on a 1990 World Series ball. (he threw a perfect game in the late 80's)

Cycling: Davis Phinney and Connie Carpenter on a photo of the three of us sitting on the "Loveland Pass" marker at 11,990 feet.

Bob Huggins on a basketball. Hugs is the head coach of the Univ. of Cincinnati Bearcats BB team
when i followed the 1990 tour de trumprufus
Dec 16, 2002 6:50 AM
i got most of the 7-11 team to sign photos in my winning magazines. also got lemond, and some of the americans on ac pinarello, subaru-montgomery and spago. can't remember all i got, i'll have to dig those copies out sometime.

also got phil liggett to sign a program.
re: Quick Poll: Whose Autograph Do You Have?JL
Dec 16, 2002 7:17 AM
Last year at the USPro in Philly, the Prime Alliance team did promotional ride the day before the big race. Afterwards, all 9 signed their picture on the team poster. It was a fun morning and cool ride.

Other signatures I have are not sport related. I have a bunch of signed cookbooks from various authors (Emeril, Jacque Pepin and few others).
Spirito's ;-) .......... and Ugo D's (debatable) NmSpirito
Dec 16, 2002 7:39 AM
Sean Kelly and Steve Bauer...story insideFrith
Dec 16, 2002 7:42 AM
I got Bauer's in a road race near Toronto. I was 12 and I couldn't have been happier.
I got Kelly's In England when I was about 10 at a track race he and my cousin were in.
sidenote #1 They raced against each other and my cousin got whipped. My cousin won a race that day though, Kelly didn't.
sidenote #2 Sean Kelly was a bit of an ass. He seemed really put out that a 10 year old cycling enthusiast might interupt him in the parking lot. I remember thinking at the time that it was my Canadian accent that bothered him because he smiled and signed one for a little Brit friend of mine later that day.
I'm richmohair_chair
Dec 16, 2002 7:55 AM
I am not an autograph hound, since I prefer to leave people alone, but I have a managed a few:

Lance Armstrong, on several things

Miguel Indurain, on a 1995 Banesto jersey

Magic Johnson, on a Pizza Hut bag (I was working there, he came in -- it was the night he got tossed from an NBA final)

John Denver, on an 8x10 glossy. Not sure how I got this one.

Chad Everett, on a Kentucky Fried Chicken bag. If you don't know who he is, that's fine. I didn't either. I was about seven, with mom to get chicken. He was there, wearing a tux, complete with puffy shirt (it was the 1970s!). Mom recognized him, the rest is history.
Greg Lemond...noveread
Dec 16, 2002 11:15 AM
Pulled up to one of my favorite trout fishing spots and there he was, sitting on his back bumper of his truck fiddling with something and when he looked up, well, we all know Greg's eyes. So I got to fly fish with him for a few hours, it was great.

It was one of the hardest things I've ever done, but after I told him how I was such a big fan, yadda, yadda, yadda, I didn't ask or talk about bikes for the rest of the time.

I did spy his bike in the back of his truck though...

re: Quick Poll: Whose Autograph Do You Have?dave woof
Dec 16, 2002 1:53 PM
I got Moser's (as in Francesco) on a poster when I was in Northern Italy in '84-85. (He's from that part of Italy)

I got Jeannie Longo's a few weeks ago at the Tour de Tucson

Moser's might be worth something..

BB King on one of his LP'srwbadley
Dec 16, 2002 5:09 PM
I hung out with Armstrong for an afternoon!!!PseuZQ
Dec 16, 2002 11:14 PM
That would be Neil Armstrong.

I don't get many autographs. I did get Fee Waybill from The Tubes in full Quay Lude kit, though.

(whoa...those two in the same *that's* a first...)