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Getting hit by BIKES while driving!(4 posts)

Getting hit by BIKES while driving!NewDayNewWay
Dec 15, 2002 4:35 PM
In the spirit of adding life to the board during the winter slow-down, here is what I hope will be a novel post...

The unforunate situation posted in which the biker was hit by a van reminded me of a couple of amusing incidents I had where I was driving my truck (a big F-150 that can't be missed) and I was hit by bikes!

In the first situation, I was sitting in my truck on the side of the road in a park (legally parked and not moving). A mountain bike guy tried to turn a corner too sharp and too fast and plowed right into the side of my truck! He was fine, but there was damage to the side panel of my truck. Fortunately the guy was cool about it, and sent me a check in the mail for the cost of repairs, after I showed due diligence in getting a few estimates. This brings up the interesting question as to whether bicyclists who ride on the road should have "bike insurance" equivalent to car insurance, to pay for damage we cause. Seriously, maybe us bicyclists should carry umbrella liability policies due to the potential risk of our being at fault for an accident.

The second incident occurred when I was driving though a parking lot of a grocery store and BAM!!! a kid on a bike came out of a nowhere and walloped the side of my truck. I didn't even see it coming Fortunately, the kid was OK, but he was snotty and tried to imply that this was somehow my fault. I definitely had the right of way, and was barely moving at the time (maybe 5 mph).

To relay a third amusing incident (a contrasting situation to the above), I was riding a bike as a teenager (a long time ago), wasn't paying any attention, and BAM!!! crashed right into the back of a parked car. The car was no less than a Jaguar of course. Typical stupid stuff that I think we all do but never admit to (except over the internet).

I would point out that I've NEVER been hit by someone on a bike who actually looked like the had some reasonable biking skills!
re: Getting hit by BIKES while driving!Picshooter
Dec 15, 2002 5:06 PM
It happened to my son recently. He was getting ready to turn right and a POB was riding on the sidewalk. He didn't stop or even slow down at the crosswalk and ran right into the kids Mustang (that was stopped behind the Stop sign). My son never saw him coming. He made the guy stay while he called the Police. They filed an accident report but chose not to site the guy on the bike, even though the report stated the bike violated the right of way.
Good thing as the guy found a lawyer who was going to pursue it until he read the Police report.
The guy was a scum bag who was on a bike because he lost his license for a DUI.
Depends... are we gonna license all bikes?PODIUMBOUNDdotCA
Dec 15, 2002 5:24 PM
An umbrella liability policy could be good. Especially in a country like the US where medicare isn't paid for so even if you got into an accident completely on your own they'd cover the medical. But the thing is this would involve registering if not licensing either quite a few or all bikes and/or cyclists. Then skateboarders cause trouble... so do scooters. Heck even a runner can cause damage. Come on realistically we can't punish most of the population and create such a beaurocratic mess for the stupidity of a few. Your one of the few people I think who can recall more than one story. My story is me being 5 and riding at about 5 km/h into the back of my grandpas truck...

Also if you made it a law think of how much paperwork there would be. It cost a billion dollars here in Canada to put the gun registartion program into place... now have 10 times the number do that in the US and then people come along and can't ride a bike because they can't register it. Hmmm...

Depends... are we gonna license all bikes?NewDayNewWay
Dec 16, 2002 4:00 AM
You wouldn't have to register your bike to be covered an umbrella liability policy. The liability policy would cover you under all reasonable circumstances where you may be responsible for medical claims or damage to property (per whatever the policy states).

My wife often notes my very conservative nature about these things. These days I get nervous when children from our neighborhood play on our children's swing set. What if one of them fell and broke their neck? I could be sued out the wazzoo for that. Parents didn't have these sorts of concerns way back. For anyone with any amount of accumulated wealth, or responsbility for others such as children, it seems sensible to have un umbrella liability policy, to cover biking accidents, skateboard accidents, scooter accidents, or whatever.