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Can you travel Greyhound with a bike?(6 posts)

Can you travel Greyhound with a bike?chops
Dec 15, 2002 12:34 PM
I am planning on visiting my family in another state for christmas and my travel options have slowly narrowed down to taking a bus. I can't imagine not taking my bike and was wondering if any of you have ever done it and if it is even option. If so do I just box it up? Thanks for any insight.
just ride it, it'll be quicker!(nm)merckx56
Dec 15, 2002 1:44 PM
Man is that the truthpmf1
Dec 17, 2002 5:29 AM
Only time I ever rode a GH bus was when I was an undergrad at the University of MN. It was Christmas and I was travelling home to Columbia, MO. Mom and Dad weren't feeling to generous that year. In a car, this trip took 7.5 hours. In the bus, it took 13. God, we snaked across every rural road in Iowa. At one stop, they were loading kegs of frozen boar semen into the luggage compartment. It was a thrill every time we hit the interstate and actually hit speeds above 50 mph.

The worst was when it stopped for a dinner break 15 miles outside of the destination at a friggin Stuckeys. I almost got out and started walking. If I had had a bike, I would have hopped out and started riding for sure.
Did you call them and ask?Kerry
Dec 15, 2002 6:14 PM
I would think they would have something relevant to say on the topic. I will relate that when shipping a bike by Greyhoud, they simply put the box on the bus "if there's room" and make that decision at every bus station along the route. Therefore, if there's room at every stop, the shipped bike will take the same time as a passenger. However if there is not room at every stop, then the box gets left behind for the next bus where there is room. Greyhound does not have a way to track where the box is along the way (at least they didn't a few years back), so your bike disappears into the system with no tracking, and comes out 2-3 weeks later (depending on how busy the route is). I doubt any of this applies to someone checking a bike as baggage, since it is passenger baggage that kicks the freight off the bus. However, it would be surprising if Greyhound doesn't have a size/weight limit, so you'd better call them and ask.
Did it once, about 5 years agop chop
Dec 15, 2002 7:28 PM
Had to bag a week-long tour of Lake Michigan because of a knee problem, after two days into it. My pick-up place in the UP was at an all-night gas station at about five am. The price was right, and with the bike locally boxed (for ten bucks including the box!) it was treated just like any other piece of luggage -- which on Greyhound means you handle it yourself through any change-overs. Worked fine, though, you'd almost prefer it that way with your bike. Maybe ther was a small fee, but nothing like the fifty bucks to fly with one. I say hell yeah to bringing along the bike any any trip, though. Rounds any place out perfectly.

Thanks for your help guys!chops
Dec 16, 2002 6:42 AM
I checked the greyhound site and found plenty info. I am considering shipping it FedEx too. Oh well, I'll figure something out but I sure as hell am not taking a hiatus from riding.