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Customer Service: 'A+' for Litespeed, Oakley & Giro(4 posts)

Customer Service: 'A+' for Litespeed, Oakley & Giroseyboro
Dec 15, 2002 4:12 AM
Poor customer service of various companies is a frequent topic on this board. Personally, I have experienced three recent examples of excellence in that area and would like to share them with the forum.
1. Litespeed: Don't ask me how, but I managed to pry the headbadge off of my Palmares. I called the LS tech support asking for advice and tried to re-attach it. After a few glueings, I gave up and emailed them about selling me a headbadge decal (like the ones they use on the Ghisallo). A week later, I got a handwritten letter from LS and a complimentary set of decals.
2. Oakley: My own stupidity knows no limits when it comes to maintaining a set of glasses. Usually, they go on top of the Jeep after the ride, only to get dropped onto the road next time I drive. This happened THREE times. The last ime, I found the frame by the curb, mangled with the lenses scratched, but reusable. My lbs sent the 18 pieces to Oakley, asking them to reuse the lenses and replace the frame at my cost. Five days later, they came back and Oakley had given me a new pair of racing jackets instead.
3. Giro: A few weeks ago, I read a thread about some problems with the Pneumo helmets developing cracks in the front and center. Concerned about mine (it had cracked in that area), I contacted Jason at the the Giro customer service department, got an immediate email back and sent it to them for evaluation. Yesterday morning, I received a brand new helmet, again with a handwritten note of apology for my troubles.
All things being equal when making a new purchase, consider customer service quality. I know, I will...
Litespeed always returns my emails, calls me on the phoneLazywriter
Dec 15, 2002 7:25 AM
and sends me new decals when I request. The "perception" that they are some huge company with dismal customer service is pure BS.
I even got a free t-shirt and bumper stickers out of them. :) Great customer service and one of the best bicycles on the road. I will always buy LS as long as they keep this up. Quite honestly, I have received more or at best equal attention from Seven and Serotta customer service. Seven actually sent me a stock email when I asked questions and Collins at Litespeed told me to call him to discuss my questions and he called me back. This is why I have 2 Litespeeds.
On the same note - gunnar has terriffic customer service!abelson
Dec 15, 2002 11:58 AM
I am going to buy a gunnar this spring and I had a few questions so I emailed them and the next day I got an answer from Richard Schwin himself. You gotta love that.
re: Customer Service: 'A+' for Litespeed, Oakley & Giro52-16SS
Dec 16, 2002 8:07 AM
My best experience has been with Oakley as well. On two different occations I have broken my oaks beyond repair (entirely my own fault), both times Oakley responded with a new pair - no questions asked. I guess that is what you get from paying a $E6 for shades.