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Damn Bianchi(15 posts)

Damn BianchiJowan
Dec 14, 2002 7:09 AM
Just took my bike apart for winter maintaince and found out that my Bianchi EV2 frame has broken at the chainstay. This is my second Bianchi that had broken after one years use!! Im not a heavy guy (67Kg), don't ride rough and take good care of my bike, so it must be quality of the frames.Very nice to ride and quite ligth, but I won't go for a 3th, even if they offer to replace it under its warranty. At least I will not go for a 3th aluminium frame, the new EV4 has even thinner tubing!

I have a titanium (no-name) cyclocrosser that hold up very well, so I might go for a titanium frame now. Any suggestions? Are the Bianchi titanium frames more durable that the alu versions?


re: Damn BianchiDaveG
Dec 14, 2002 9:15 AM
One year seems like a poor lifespan even for a ultra light bike like the EV2. However, I don't think its a material issue. Whenever you enter into the realm of ultralight frames whether they be AL, steel, Ti, you are sacrificing some durability to lighten the frame. There is no free lunch. If its durability you are after, then maybe you should consider trading off some lightness to acheive that.
re: Damn BianchiJowan
Dec 14, 2002 9:24 AM
I would not have bought the EV2 if I had a choice, but it came as a warranty replacement for my XL-mega pro (that one had a tear in the steerertube). I defenately go for a more durable and reliable frame now. So either steel or titanium.


re: Damn Bianchimotta
Dec 14, 2002 9:32 AM
Don't write off all alu frames just because Bianchi(or whoever built it for them) can't get it right. Alot of manufacturers can and do get it right, mine is a '98 model year and is still going strong. Weighs in at 2.5#
re: Damn BianchiJowan
Dec 14, 2002 10:01 AM
You'r right, alu is so widespread that I lot of manufacturos must be able to get it right. So there are more reasons why I tend towards steel/titanium. I hope it will give me a more confortable ride, I like the 'classic' look that a lot of steel frames have, see pic. The timeless look of a titanium frame also appeals to me.
The EV2 has a reputation for thatTig
Dec 14, 2002 10:08 AM
My LBS manager broke 2 EV2 right chain stays, one was about 1.5 inch from the BB weld. One of his customers is on his second EV2 for the same failure. Now yours. That leaves only 2 riders left that haven't broken one out of those I know with EV2's. Ouch!

Not all aluminum frames are made equally...
Bianchi Steel Problems Also!merckxman
Dec 14, 2002 4:46 PM
Reminder: Around 12/8 there was a thread about problems with Bianchi Boron steel frames, "when I worked in shops they all used to come back broken."
What year EV2?Iwannapodiumgirl
Dec 14, 2002 10:26 PM
Is yours a 2000 or a 2001 EV2?

I heard there were some problems with the 2000 model, but understand they were rectified in 2001.

Btw, I just purchased a second hand 2001 EV2 so am a little concerned now....
What year EV2?Jowan
Dec 15, 2002 3:22 AM
Regret to say it is a 2001 model. Ride quality and geometry are beautiful, but unfortunately I have to advise you to check your frame every now and then for cracks!

bugger! (nm)Iwannapodiumgirl
Dec 15, 2002 2:14 PM
I've seen two 2001's and one 2002 break. -nmTig
Dec 15, 2002 9:48 AM
i mash my c-dale...Rubiks_Manuever
Dec 15, 2002 12:09 AM
Hell I mash and beat the sh&t outta my caad3 saeco up and down the mountains of north carolina for the last year over 5000 miles and it runs like a charm still. I'm six foot, 200 pounds. All I had to replace was the ultegra shifters so far. I'm stickin with cheap and effective. I got a caad5 on order from gvh bikes. I don't care if c-dale goes chapter11; if their frames can stand up to my abuse and bad maintenance habits, then I am a cannondale devotee.

poor white trailer trash...
i mash my c-dale...Woof the dog
Dec 15, 2002 8:19 PM
re: Damn Bianchiteoteoteo
Dec 15, 2002 12:59 PM
Have heard of EV2's having those issues a few years. On the other hand I have owned a few of the more beefy SL models and they have been bombproof. Downside--they weigh more.

Every problem I have heard or seen with the Bianchi's has been with the thinner walled versions so IMO it's not an aluminum problem in general but model specific problem.

I would'nt settle for a less expensive frame but maybe you can get and SL frame and the difference back in credit. Just idea's....good luck
I have a Bianchi Ti for sale....maurizio
Dec 16, 2002 11:14 AM
I too have a buddy that broke a EV2 frame. right at the seat tube/bottom bracket weld. Although he is a masher and regularly breaks frames about every 14 mo or so.
Given the above, Bianchi is the first company that I know of who will admit (in thier literature) that a 1000 or so gram frame will NOT last forever. Either that's their out or they are stepping up to the plate when others will not.
So on to my shameless plug. I have a 57/58 cm Bianchi Mega Ti for sale. It was made by Lightspeed and features the massive diamond shape downtube and hourglass seatstays.
Nice frame actually, good workmanship and it is bulletproof.
It takes a huge effort to get that bottom bracket to sway on a climb or sprint.
I'm selling it with the Bianchi Carbon Fork, Campy Record Carbon headset and Campy Record Carbon Bottom Bracket.
Let me know if you're interested.
480.225.3549 or