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If I haven't been weight lifting, is it too late to start?(2 posts)

If I haven't been weight lifting, is it too late to start?Swat Dawg
Dec 13, 2002 8:18 PM
Sorry for hoggin the board? It's finals and I am procrastinating big time. Anyway, I know that I should be lifting, but I haven't been. My season starts March 1st (Collegiate), but I am lookig to peak in May when eastern regionals and nationals are up. I also will be MTB racing beginning in Late March/Early April, and want to peak for that season in July. Is it too late too add weights for March, or should I just stay on the bike and do strength training? I am 21 yrs old, and am athletic (Collegiate tennis two years, IM hoops, etc.). I typically haven't lifted weights, but have the musculature that makes people think I do. I don't want to add any more weight (already 165), and I don't want to throw off my cycling form. So all that is to say, if I should start the weights, what type of program should I look at doing? Thanks for the advice, and helping me procrastinate.
Dec 13, 2002 8:32 PM
You should start but my advice is to find a strength trainer that knows their stuff. Being at a college you should have no problem doing this in the kines department. You can try doing it on your own but chances are your program won't be even remotely as beneficial as a periodized one designed by a trainer. Also make sure the trainer has a sport background preferably in individual sports.