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Partially elastic collisions--my run in with a van(4 posts)

Partially elastic collisions--my run in with a vangtxc01
Dec 13, 2002 2:07 PM
As I was finishing up a 3hr ride yesterday, I started to cross an intersection before my progress was interupted by a mini van. I went flying up onto the hood, hit the windshield, and then as the vehicle fully stopped, I slid off the car and went across the pavement for a short distance. The intersection had a traffic light, which changed from green to yelow just as I began to cross the intersection, and the van was coming from the direction opposite my self when it made a left turn and hit me. If I had a green/yellow light as I was crossing the intersection, then the other driver would have had the same signal, and according to my understanding of traffic law, should have yielded. Well in any event, the driver stopped, I got his insurance info, and since I wasn't too messed up, I went to the local clinic and had my hand X-rayed after talking to the local police. Fortunatly, the damge to my body was minimal, but my frame, handlebars, fork, and front wheel were destroyed. Have any of you had experience with this sort of thing, or do you have any info that might be helpful as I try to get compensated for the damage to my bike? What do you think is reasonable to accept as compensation? (It would cost me roughly $1800 to buy a bike comparable to what was destroyed) Thanks, I appreciate your help.
Keep on it, consult an Attorney...Lone Gunman
Dec 13, 2002 5:55 PM
Should not cost you anything but your time to consult a personal injury Attorney. An Insurance Adjuster will most likely try to settle quickly, be very warry of "Greeks bearing gifts". Always get that second opinion by consulting an Attorney.
re: Partially elastic collisions--my run in with a vanTrux
Dec 14, 2002 1:04 PM
I had a similar accident (guy turned left into me) two years ago. The driver's insurance company should pay all your medical bills and either repair or replace your bike. Take your bike to a good bike shop for an estimate. Then give the written estimate to his insurance company. If the shop says your bike is not repairable (totaled) ask for a new bike of equal value. If it's deemed repairable ask for repair costs. The insurance company of the driver who hit me paid all my medical bills, bought me a new bike of equal value and replace torn clothing and my helmet. No need to rush to an attorney unless his insurance company won't pay.
re: Partially elastic collisions--my run in with a vannonsleepingjon
Dec 14, 2002 9:09 PM
I was hit on labor-day this year by a hatchback. thankfully only a scraped elbow and a messed up seat were the only damage. I sent the guy a letter asking for payment for a new seat and helmet (always good to replace after a crash), and he sent me a check. I prefer to settle out of court, and hope you can too, but your wreck was worse than mine. i agree with the other posts - contact an attorney just in case. good luck, and safe riding.