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Litespeed Palmares(4 posts)

Litespeed PalmaresMutual
Dec 13, 2002 1:48 AM
Any thoughts on this frame? What would be a fair price for a used one with D/A and Mavic K's

If it matters, I am getting back into racing. Will start off slow(Cat 3's) and then go from there. Hopefully make it back to Europe by Spring of 2004.

I weigh approx. 155-though I expect to drop 15+ lbs when I start racing. 370+ watts @ LT, 800+ peak sprinting-a couple people have told me that the frame might be too stiff? The last Ti I rode however(Serotta Legend Ti) I found to be a lot more flexy that I would have liked.

Also, think it is too nice for a race bike? It will be treated quite poorly-crashed, stuck in boxes, get stuck on the top of a car for long trips etc.

re: Litespeed Palmaresseyboro
Dec 13, 2002 3:28 AM
I have owned a Palmares for about a year and am very happy with the bike thus far. The bike is very stiff, at 6'4" and 235 I have not noticed any movement in the frame (btw, how can a frame be too stiff?). Compared to my other ride, a caad3, the ride is lively, but not murderously harsh. Power transfer to the rear does not seem effected by flex. It does very well in the sprints, although I'd like to think it's the engine, of course. Weight of a frame is not a factor for me, but 3.6 lbs @ 63 cm is quite acceptable.
As for price, I would consider anything under $2750.- a steal - there aren't many of them out there. Add in a used DA/Ksyrium/etc. build kit and $4000.- to $4300.- would be more than acceptable, IMO. Would I race it? Not unless I were sponsored by Litespeed and they gave me a new one every season.
re: Litespeed PalmaresJuanmoretime
Dec 13, 2002 4:56 AM
I have a Vortex which is al 6.4 as the Palmares is. It's a great bike and at 170 lbs a very excellent ride. Flex no, the ride is much harsher than my Litespeed Arenberg although much better than any of the Klein's I have owned. If you can afford to replace it if you trash it, go ahead and race it. Just keep in mind, since it's a model no longer made, it will be difficult to replace. There are some excellent deals out there on used Ultimates, you may want to look at this as a option since quite a few racers seem to prefer the Ultimate for racing.
re: Litespeed Palmaresneil-qcw
Dec 13, 2002 1:24 PM
I know that all these numbers are a little fuzzy. there isn't a direct correlation, but I do 375 at lt and weigh 153, and I am not thinking europe. But I souldn't be a downer. Good luck, way to aim high.