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What's the toughest race (one day/multi-day)(9 posts)

What's the toughest race (one day/multi-day)MJ
Dec 13, 2002 12:58 AM
Bastogne - Liege - Bastogne?
re: What's the toughest race (one day/multi-day)Wayne
Dec 13, 2002 5:18 AM
The obvious answer for one day is Paris-Roubaix since alot of riders won't even ride it because of how bad it is to ride over the cobbles.
(FYI: it's LBL not BLB)

I would think the Giro or Vuelta would be harder than the tour because the hard days (mountains) are interspersed throughout the 3 weeks usually with a really hard final week. While the tour usually starts with 10 "easy" days (unless you choose to go in a break) and then gets hard.
Looking at the % of riders that finished last year confirms that the Vuelta was by far the hardest followed by the Giro, TDF is last:
Vuelta (64%)
Giro (74%)
TdF (81%)
agree, P-R is the toughesthusker
Dec 13, 2002 6:06 AM
and fun to watch, especially with the conditions of the race for the past couple of years.

I also agree with Wayne's assesments of the grand tours.

I'm just a "yes" man.
re: you can't judge Vueltacyclopathic
Dec 13, 2002 8:11 AM
by numbers. First this is a last grand tour of the season, so everyone is spent. Second climb to l'Agliru and preceding descent in rain took out by far more riders then anything else this year. David Miller (who was running 9th at that point in GC) quit after Big Matt car ran over his bike, several good pile ups on dh. No wonder some teams had only 2-3 riders left at the end.

With respect to one-day PR is prob the worse, but not by much. Spring classics, Paris-Nice, tour of Flanders etc can be horrendous; early spring weather in No Europe is unpredictable.
I didn't realize we were not considering...Wayne
Dec 13, 2002 9:02 AM
all of the factors that go into making a race tough! Clearly one of the reasons the Vuelta has such a high attrition rate is it's time in the season, so that adds to its toughness. Angliru, bad weather, bad roads etc. all add to its toughness rating as well.

The real factor that could be skewing the data, so to speak, is guys like Cipollini dropping out for the worlds. But you'd still need about 20 guys doing this to bring it's % finishers up to the Giro/Tour level.
Miller didn't quit...he was ejectedspookyload
Dec 13, 2002 12:13 PM
To belittle the Angliru because of weather is a cheap shot. I believe this is the hardest stage of any stage race in the world. How many times in the Tour did Heras or any others use a triple chainring setup? How many times in the tour did they add a 26% grade in the same stage? None. The Vuelta does suffer from the timing of the race, but it suffered just as bad in the old early summer time slot because Tour contenders wouldn't want to kill themselves that close to the Tour. They started doing the Tour of Switzerland instead because it is som much easier and still challenging.

P.S. If I was David Millers sponsor or team director, I would boot him off my team for acting so childish at a world class event. He is supposed to be a pro, not a junior.
Miller was ejected because he quit . He got off his bike . . .Look381i
Dec 14, 2002 4:41 AM
just before the finish line in protest of the stage. But I'll bet you knew that.
Saturn ChallengeCosmo2
Dec 13, 2002 9:25 AM
Saturn Challenge (Boulder to Breckenridge) for one day races. Same distance as P-R, dirt roads, up 10,000 ft passes multiple times. 100+ starters, 20 finishers. I've ridden the dirt roads on my road bike-scary. Would like to see the Euros come over.
Dec 13, 2002 9:37 AM
Imagine Paris-Roubaix. Now tilt it 12-15%, in BOTH directions and add thick, choking dust, baseball sized loose rocks and deep ruts full of sand. Add the bonus chance of getting fried by lightning above treeline on the summit, or snowed on, or both. Make the climb longer than the Angliru and the descent scarier than your worst nightmare. This is a descent that you literally cannot ride on a road bike; the waterbars and rocks are too big. Saw guys who were too far back to get a bike change and were forced to ride it with their roadies. They could only go about 10mph and smoked their brake pads.

Oh, wait, that's just Guanella, there's three other passes!