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Lemond trainer(2 posts)

Lemond trainercydswipe
Dec 12, 2002 5:34 AM
Has anyone seen one of these in person or test rode one? I have seen them in catalogs. Lemond has his cycling gear in Target stores, a Minnesota based retail chain. Aren't his bikes distributed through Trek? His trainer is expensive. I can't imagine purchasing one in a retail store. Will they be at the LBS level? What's the general opinion on this $1000 investment?
re: Lemond trainerAlpedhuez55
Dec 12, 2002 7:36 AM
Lemond had a cheap line of clothing, helmets and accessories that sold at Target. They were not the same as his bikes and used a different logo. The shirts were not bad for the money. They had cleared most of his stuff out though. I do not think they are selling it any more. I doubt Target would ever sell a $1000 trainer.

The Lemond spin bike looks nice. I guess if I were to buy one, I would get a reconditioned Schwinn spin bike. THose classes are not as popular as they once were. Some gyms have stopped running spin classes and you can usually find deals on Schwinn and Reebok spin bikes for $200-$500 at used fitness equipment stores. THere is a place in Rhode Island that is not too far from me that was selling a bunch of them on Ebay. I may get one if they are still available after the holidays. I know they are used but they recondition them and if only one or two people are using it, with normal maintanence, it should last for years.

Mike Y.