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Topeak Road Morph?(8 posts)

Topeak Road Morph?DL Lawrence
Dec 12, 2002 5:22 AM
Does anyone have any reveiws or comments on the Topeak Road Morph pump? Thanks in advance for any opinions.
I like itStewK
Dec 12, 2002 7:16 AM
It pumps up easy for a mini-pump and it has a pressure gauge. I bought mine on a California vacation because I kept pulling the stems out of my cheap tubes with my other mini-pump.
re: Topeak Road Morph?PMC
Dec 12, 2002 7:40 AM
I think it works great. I haven't come across a pump I'd rather use when I have a flat on the road. On solo rides I always bring it with. My only issue is the size and that it doesn't fit real well on some bikes. For the most part if you don't mind the extra heft, it's well worth it.
The only problem I had with mine was that it kept falling outbill
Dec 12, 2002 12:02 PM
of the frame holder, which was godawful ungainly, to begin with. And it's a little big to stick in a jersey pocket. So, I got a little blackburn something or other that fits in my jersey. Still too old-fashioned to go to CO2.
I love mine, extra weight doesn't bother me...MVN
Dec 12, 2002 8:18 AM
and it fits great on my GT frame also. I've had to use it twice, and I'm glad I got it. Best $22 I ever spent. Mine doesn't have the guage, though. I use the pump and CO2.
Love it, works great, durable, inflates fast, convienent to use, great gift idea (nm)js5280
Dec 12, 2002 10:26 AM
Absolute best frame pump, period.cyclinseth
Dec 12, 2002 10:37 AM
I command you to buy it NOW!! The gauge on mine doesn't work properly so I carry a Zephal gauge. I am not bothered by this in the least. I take it with me for anything longer than a training ride in the park. I once went out on a longer ride with that silly mini-pump thing and caught a flat on the bride, about 2 miles out. I was cursing myself for not bringing the road morph. When fixing my or other people's flats, they are always astounded at how it goes to 120 as easily as a regular floor pump.

When you use this thing you will not only not regret buying it, you will be truly amazed.
re: Topeak Road Morph?superdog
Dec 12, 2002 9:36 PM
I've been using this pump for two years. It's somewhat bulky but it's tolerable. This pump has three advantages over regular frame pumps. 1) it has a flexible hose that runs between the pump and the head. This prevents you from accidently damaging the valve stem. 2) it has a flip out foot peg and handle grip. This makes a very comfortable and ergonomic (sp?) position for inflating. 3) this pump does not require 50,000 strokes to inflate a 700x23c tire to 120 psi. I think I can pump mine up in less than 100 strokes.

I used to have a fairly expensive Blackburn somethin-or-other stik. It took an awful lot of strokes to pump up to 80 psi. My arms were worn out by the time I got to 80. I gave it away when I got the road morph. I kept the Blackburn mounting bracket and I use it with my road morph. The Blackburn bracket fits tighter around the road morph and it has a velcro strap.

That bracket was the best thing about the Blackburn pump. To be fair, the Blackburn pump probably would have been fine if I had been a weight lifter or had a stronger upper body. The pressure gauge on the road morph is not accurate. I accidently inflated a tire to 135 psi. I could have never done this with the Blackburn (which is supposed to be a good pump).

If you want a good pump ad don't care how it looks, Id recommend the road morph. See if you can find a blackburn mounting bracket though. The one with the velcro strap that wraps around the pump.