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Update on Kelso column (from below)(2 posts)

Update on Kelso column (from below)cory
Dec 11, 2002 9:45 AM
Got an answer to the e-mail I sent him, and I've reconsidered. He sounds like a self-impressed (expletive deleted).
In defense of KelsoKSC
Dec 11, 2002 5:24 PM
Growing up, John Kelso columns were a staple of my weekly diet. He's given me enough laughs over the years that I'm obligated to give him at least a minimal defense.

Kelso does write a humor column (as noted at the bottom of the article). He derives much of his humor and satire from the image of the South Austin "Bubba", and has fun juxtaposing that image with various cultural invasions/changes on the Austin social landscape. It's easy to see why cyclists make a good target, and surely most of us can laugh at the eccentricities of our sport. The self-deprication and hyperbole, should have been a dead giveway that he was just having fun.

My only beef with Kelso, is my father once sent him a humorous acryonm for H.E.B. (a grocery store chain in Austin), that he later used in a column w/out giving credit!

This thread sort of reminds me of people that take "The Onion" seriously. It's at least an example of global information access creating some misunderstanding by missing the local context.