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Classifieds question(5 posts)

Classifieds questionlemmy999
Dec 11, 2002 9:29 AM
I this has probably been asked before (couldn't find much in the search), but what is a good method to buy from someone on the classified without getting ripped. I guess COD is one option. Are there any others? Of course this only guarantees that something gets sent to you. It could still be damaged or not as advertised. The seller is 2800 miles away, so I can't hardly go see the bike. Thanks.
re: Classifieds questionRusty Coggs
Dec 11, 2002 9:54 AM
Escrow service.
re: Classifieds questionjtolleson
Dec 11, 2002 10:02 AM
I'm a naive and trusting sole, but the regs on this board and others in our relatively small online cycling community have been very trustworthy. I've bought one bike and one bike trainer, and sold one bike plus some new Carbon Stryke aerobars, all via personal check with no worries.

But otherwise, COD or an escrow service works, as mentioned. My sister bought an RBR bike and used COD from US Postal and seemed pleased. It doesn't guarantee quality per se, but does ensure that you don't hand over dough until you are given a box with a bike in it at the delivery destination.

There is a trust component to the procedure, of course.
re: Classifieds questiontarwheel
Dec 11, 2002 1:56 PM
I have bought one complete used bike and two frames through RBR classifieds, eBay, etc. I've never been ripped off but I've had some bad experiences. The complete bike I bought through RBR, and it was a great deal with no problems. The two frames both turned out to be damaged, but I was able to return them and get my money back. In all three cases, I communicated with the sellers via numerous e-mails and several phone calls before sending a check. The problem is that some people aren't totally forthcoming, and you have no way of being sure about the condition of a frame until you can see it firsthand. An escrow service is a good option to explore if you are seriously considering buying used, sight unseen. I would also recommend getting the seller to send you as many good-quality photos possible, and talking to seller on the phone to get a feel for how upfront he/she is. In my experience, this may have helped me obtain refunds and return the damaged frames -- because I had established a rapport with them ahead of time and received their assurances that I could return the frames if not to my satisfaction. Unfortunately, in both cases the frames had been crashed and the sellesr did not divulge that information ahead of time. The damages were not obvious to an untrained eye but very clear when the frames were examined closely.
re: Classifieds questionfunknuggets
Dec 11, 2002 2:45 PM
Also, drop the extra cash and make sure it is insured. UPS damaged a bike in shipping and comp'ed the whole bike. I read somewhere in their bylaws that they are only exposed to something like $100, so they dont really care on higher priced items. Funny thing is that UPS only reimburses the shipper. That is a tricky situation. They reimbursed the shipper who had my check, the check from UPS and I had a bike with a damaged frame. They weren't a business so they were kind of shifty to deal with. They wanted to split the check, but I threatened to sue in small claims with the claim of "undue enrichment". They sent my letter to their lawyer who promply paid me the entire ensured amount.

So, the moral of the story is to be ready if they ship UPS.