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BayArea Poll - Old La Honda and Kings Mountain(11 posts)

BayArea Poll - Old La Honda and Kings Mountaingnailuh
Dec 10, 2002 6:59 PM
I'm a rather new rider and would like to know what various people are climbing these hill in minutes.

Can you rate yourself... if you race, what cat? And your time.

I'm a novice roadbiker... 24:20 for old la honda and haven't yet timed kings moutain.


Here's some info on these hills:

Old La Honda
3.5 mi (about that)
Gradient 8.75 - 18%

Kings Mountain Road
4.37 mi, 7.00 km
Total climb (from Old Woodside Store) 1630 feet, 497 m
Gradient 7.06% - 11.5%
re: BayArea Poll - Old La Honda and Kings Mountaingtx
Dec 10, 2002 7:40 PM
in the 80s I used to do it just under 18. I raced collegiate Bs and (very briefly) Cat IV. Knew some people who were in the 15s. This was when the road was pretty bumpy--they repaved it a while ago. I think maybe Heiden has the record in the 14s or something? I guess Pantani would be in the 11s...
Dec 10, 2002 8:57 PM
nothing more to say...
You've got me thinking...laffeaux
Dec 11, 2002 12:55 PM
I bike up old La Honda, but I've never timed the climb. I'll have to get it a try and see what I get. I often start near 280 and Foothills (in the Chain Reaction parking lot), and ride from there up Foothills through Portola Valley and up Old LaHonda, then along Skyline and back down Hwy 9/Redwood Gulch. The last time I did that I was just under 1 hour 24 minutes to the top of Old La Honda, with the clock starting at the parking lot - about 18.5 miles into the ride.
re: BayArea Poll - Old La Honda and Kings Mountainyeah right
Dec 10, 2002 9:06 PM
Not bad at all for OLH time.

OLH about 26min, but never done it for low time, nor am I climber of any skil, I'll be a collegiate C this year.

Gtx: if you could do it in less than 18min you must have been smoking for a collegiate B

For reference, the Stanford Cycling team (who I ride for) had our annual OLH climb tt this weekend, best time was by a pretty stud track and road rider, Tyler Ofstad, who posted 16:47.

Best time I've ever seen in print was 15:05, so I don't think Pantani would have been in the 11s or anything like that.
re: BayArea Poll - Old La Honda and Kings Mountaingtx
Dec 10, 2002 9:23 PM
Sounds right. I think there were a few people on the Stanford team in my day in the high 16s and low 17s. The guys I knew in the 15s were Cat 1s on the Avocet team. Eric Heiden used to live on that road and I thought he had the record but I could be wrong. Anyway, that's a fun road.
Old La Hondamohair_chair
Dec 11, 2002 7:13 AM
My fastest is 19:28, but that was on a day where I actually eased up at the halfway point, convinced I was going too hard. That was after a 30-mile ride up from Los Gatos, too. I know I can go faster.

I've never timed Kings Mountain. I don't climb it all that often, and anyway, we like to go through the park instead of riding the narrow section at the bottom. It's not easier but it is safer. We go down it a lot more, coming from Tunitas Creek on the other side.

Anyone read Zap's column in the latest Bicycling Mag? He talks about the most challenging descent he's ever done down King (sic) Mountain Road. I don't find it all that challenging myself.
re: BayArea Poll - Old La Honda and Kings MountainTPC
Dec 11, 2002 9:06 AM
Another great climb you might want to try (maybe you already have) is Montebello road. Head straight down foothill expwy into Cupertino, and turn right onto Montebello right after the quarry. Approx 5 miles, 2000 ft. It's my favorite.
re: BayArea Poll - Old La Honda and Kings Mountaintuneout
Dec 11, 2002 10:30 AM
I'm a beginner. I've passed by those roads, but never tried it yet.

I've climbed up highway 9 though (I believe that's about 7 miles, not sure about the alt. gain). How tough are OLH and KMR compared to that, so I can have some idea and mentally prepare myself ;) Thanks!
re: BayArea Poll - Old La Honda and Kings Mountainmohair_chair
Dec 11, 2002 11:36 AM
Highway 9 is about a 7% average grade, which makes it a decent climb. It's a fairly constant grade, too.

Old La Honda averages about 10%. The grade isn't constant at all, and there are some steep surprises waiting for you. It's only 3+ miles, however. Everyone who rides should give it a try, since it is the benchmark climb. It gets very little traffic and the last mile passes through redwoods. A nice loop is to continue over the top and down the other side (whee! no guard rails!), down to Hwy 84, then turn right to go back to the summit. Take Hwy 84 down to wherever you started.

Kings Mountain isn't all that bad. I forget how long it is, but it's close to Hwy 9 in length. The lower portion is steep, but then it mellows considerably in the middle. Beyond that, the steepest parts are the 180 degree turns. Overall, Hwy 9 is the harder climb. One thing we used to do was climb up Kings Mountain, turn left at the top (more climbing) and take Skyline to Skeggs Point, which is a vista point. (Skeggs is very popular with mountain bikers). From there it's about 12 miles of very fast and fun downhill via Hwy 84 back into Woodside.
Sub 20tamjam
Dec 11, 2002 12:07 PM
Not me, but a buddy of mine who used to live down there. He'd go out every day at lunch, ride it, and email me his time. Getting below 20 minutes was his obsession. He was convinced for a while that he could ride his singlespeed MTB up it faster than his road bike. He finally tried it and did it in 22 mins. He now lives in Seattle, attends grad school, and no longer has time to ride. RIP.