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Help friend decide (hybrid or not)(5 posts)

Help friend decide (hybrid or not)rightsaidfred
Dec 10, 2002 6:03 PM
She has seen a few of us riding (road bikes) and wants to start riding. She is a very competitive, athletic person in various different sports. Her stated goal is that she would like to commute back and forth to school (5mile one way), and maybe do some longer rides for fun. She's eyeing this used Hybrid trek 750, from 2001, with Shimano STX components. While I think that this bike may satisfy the average person, I have a feeling she'll be wishing she had gone with a speedier, slicker road bike.

She has asked for my input, but since I'm new, I'm deferring to you guys.

Any advice?
re: Help friend decide (hybrid or not)motta
Dec 10, 2002 6:23 PM
Let her make her own decision. If she is competitive as you say then she may decide to get a road bike later on, but if it is thrust up on her she may resent it and not enjoy the sport as much as she could have. The hybrid will always be a great commuter bike no matter what other bike is purchased later on. Whatever she decides do everything you can to encourage her, we need more women riding and competing.
That's a good point.rightsaidfred
Dec 10, 2002 6:31 PM
She asked my opinion, but I should tell her I don't know enough to make that decision for her. If it is a good deal, and fits well, then go for it. Right?
That's a good point.motta
Dec 10, 2002 6:52 PM
Exactly. Let her get into cheaply and begin to enjoy it. Buying a road bike that fits and is set up correctly can be a complicated procedure. I can just see her eyes glazing over when someone starts talking about frame sizes and pedal choices and clothing and triple or double and on and on.........All the while she is thinking all I want to do is ride back and forth to work. A hybrid is easy to ride and you really don't need any special "stuff' to do it, get the saddle height right and pedal. Buy her a subscription to bike magazine and let her learn all about it on her own at her own pace.
re: Help friend decide (hybrid or not)Nug
Dec 10, 2002 7:52 PM
I bought a nice hybrid a year ago when I decided to get back into riding. I've since (re)caught the bug and now have a MTB and road bike as well. One thing a hybrid does is get you into riding for alot less cash than either of the more specific designs. For < $5oo, I got a new bike with 700c wheels, rigid fork (much better than the low end suspension forks on many hybrids), and wide range gearing that I hope to make use of in a cross race next year. I put on a lower stem and a flat bar, and rode many miles with lots of folks on road bikes. The hybrid will be my winter/ sloppy weather/around town with the kids ride. I'd say she should go for it, if she gets more serious she'll have a backup (how many of us stop at one when we get "serious" anyway?!) Mine's a 2001 Gary Fisher Nirvana, and it's a nice basic ride.