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Driven to a new low...(9 posts)

Driven to a new low...biknben
Dec 10, 2002 7:42 AM
My previous low temp. for a road ride was around freezing. This morning I busted out some courage and took it to a new low. MB1's picture of the thermometer gave me the extra push I needed. I did a 50 minute commute to work and my fingers don't feel right hours later.

I wore a face mask for the first time while riding. I was in a constant struggle to keep from fogging my glasses. I had to direct every exhale down away from my glasses. Anyone got any good tips to prevent fogging? At least it kept my mind off the fact I couldn't feel my hands.
FoggingEager Beagle
Dec 10, 2002 7:51 AM
There was a thread on this last week/week before - can't find it now. Upshot was soap and wipe the inside of your lenses before you start, and the expensive special products to do the same thing are a waste of money. I use some diving mask anti-fog that came with the mask - works well.

I share your pain - it was 1+ with 6 windchill here this morning. Ran in shorts - cold.
My glasses rarely fog up on my trainer.... :-)PEDDLEFOOT
Dec 10, 2002 7:55 AM
...sorry I couldn't help myself.Seriously they sell anti fog solution for swimming goggles.This may help.I don't have any experience with it but it seems like a place to start.You can probably find it in a local sporting goods store around the swimming goggle area.
re: Driven to a new low...Steve_0
Dec 10, 2002 8:51 AM
I commute by motorcycle, fog is a serious problem in the winter. Two things work for me 1) shaving cream on the inside of lenses (equivilant to soap, i guess), and 2) wear a neck-gaiter over your mouth; it'll trap a lot of the moisture you exhale.
Steve OEager Beagle
Dec 10, 2002 9:03 AM
Do you have Fog City over there?

It's a second skin you stick on the inside of your visor, which completely stops it fogging.

Best thing I ever brought for the bike (mebbe save heated grips).

He's a link:
Steve OSteve_0
Dec 10, 2002 9:43 AM
I've seen those in Dennis Kirk; had considered it before i discovered the gaiter thing.

Appreciate the recommendation though.

Best thing for me? Widder Vest of course.
Steve OEager Beagle
Dec 10, 2002 9:58 AM
Is that a heated one? How does your battery cope with that and lights - some say that the drain is too much?
Dec 10, 2002 10:32 AM
Widder vest is electric. It's not too much of a drain.

I forget the draw on the vest, but years ago I was bored and ran the numbers against the specs of most new bikes. I found they can ALL handle the draw of electric gloves OR electric vest. Most could handle BOTH electric gloves AND electric vest (the few exceptions were the tiny, economy-style bikes).

Unless your riding a really old bike or really underpowered alt., it'll handle the vest fine. Only downside is you become spoiled.
Cat Crap is the answerblissak
Dec 10, 2002 1:28 PM