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Offended as lleh (Randy Johnson is trailer park trash)(2 posts)

Offended as lleh (Randy Johnson is trailer park trash)DuraAceBob
Dec 9, 2002 5:43 PM
Is anyone else offended that it took Sports Illustrated four years to finally get it right. Lemond won it on his second tour in 1989. I say boycott Sports Illustrated because who is obviously choosing these awards screwed up not only with Lance, but with Marco Pantani as well. Both raced to great feats. In fact I am real offended. In 1999 it was the stupid women soccer team. They couldn't choose one. I give it to the girl that took off her shirt. It is too bad she didn't take it all off. In 2000 it was Tiger Woods for the second time. Come on, does this guy really put in the effort that Lance or Pantani does. I doubt he breaks a sweat. They gave it to him for a second time over giving it to Lance for the first time. Boycott this mag! In 2001, after number 3, lets see. It was Curt Schilling and the Big Unit Randy Johnson. Well I don't care anything about Randy's Big Unit, but apparently someone at sports illustrated has been blowing on it and liking it. It is about time SI that you got it right. Randy Johnson is trailer park trash anyway.
DAB, you're sort of a harmless wacko...Crankist
Dec 10, 2002 6:07 AM
...and I wish you'd go away, but regrettably (sigh), I absolutely agree with your post.