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Motorists again - I can't help but flame(1 post)

Motorists again - I can't help but flamemuzza_b
Dec 9, 2002 2:12 PM
It's so soon after the recent thread about motorist/cyclist bad attitudes - but I can't help it.

Last night, while riding back from a regular evening bunch ride, I was riding down a residential side street with one other cyclist. We were in line - not abreast. The street was empty of traffic. The light was failing (it's summer time here downunder) but my lights were on and I had a bright jersey and plenty of reflective material. The street was not particularly narrow.

A car comes up from behind and passes so close that its wing mirror clips my elbow hard enough to collapse the mirror against the side of the car.

No damage to me (other than stunned surprise and a small bruise), but as the car drove off, with the driver apparently blissfully unaware that he had come within a hair's breadth of causing an injury accident, I could see the driver with his cellphone glued to his ear.

Call me cynical - but I wouldn't be surprised if he had a couple of beers under his belt too (it's the season for Christmas office parties).

We could easily have noted the vehilce details, but in the circumstances not worth it. So watch out - not even quiet suburban street are safe.